Lots of pictures, few words (A7 related)

MarlaDec13-111This is a picture heavy post, containing little text.

MarlaDec13-110PMThat’s the absent expression Peter Hurley calls “out to lunch”

MarlaDec13-109We had a good day, and a lot of photo opportunities

MarlaDec13-112PMThat’s from the PEN 38, and I love it

MarlaDec13-106My kid is a natural born painter. She sure got my daddy’s genes (he was a comics artist his whole life)


MarlaDec13-107Having made peace with the A7, I can now just concentrate on images

MarlaDec13-116PMI love shooting my kid when she paints, she’s so involved

MarlaDec13-113It’s crazy how the camera wouldn’t perform for me before, and how all the sudden I seem to have cracked the riddle…

MarlaDec13-117A tilt screen is fantastic because it lets you experiment with every kind of angle, from below, and above. I wouldn’t ever want another camera without one




MarlaDec13-120Even the black & white shots are now coming out alright


MarlaDec13-124FF allows you to include more of the environment in portraits

MarlaDec13-126Oh, sweeet DR

MarlaDec13-125All those images are shot at ISO2000, that’s pretty impressive

MarlaDec13-128Marla had a friend coming over and they painted together

MarlaDec13-127Color rendition isn’t bad

MarlaDec13-129Quite a little collection of legacy lenses here 😉



MarlaDec13-133Minolta MD 45/2


MarlaDec13-135Tamron 60/2.8 Macro belonging to my pal Christophe

MarlaDec13-137It’s an APS-C lens that *almost* covers the FF sensor, hence the slight vignette

MarlaDec13-138And that is the Pentax Asahi 55/1.8 in PK mount I got back today. It works wonderfully on the A7 and you’re not done hearing me rave about it !


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2 Responses to Lots of pictures, few words (A7 related)

  1. p.shukla says:

    hi !
    I found the following thread that suggests ….. the green tinge in the images could be related to non sony glass usage …….http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3590879

    u must have seen it already!….

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