Camera tutti frutti, a mixed Sony mirrorless post

MarlaDec13-140PMThis is my girl with the much coveted Grand-dad’s Teddy bear

MarlaDec13-141I decided to edit some NEX7 shots today, and it was like slipping in old, comfortable clothes. Those files are pleasurably malleable and super easy to deal with

MarlaDec13-142I know this camera in and out, and processing its files is really second nature to me by now.

MarlaDec13-143I love the DR and tonal gradation, I love the skintones and overall sharpness



MarlaDec13-146Now look at this : A7…

MarlaDec13-155… NEX7. Get me drift ??

I know the WB is different, but it goes beyond that. A7 skintone is pasty and unreal, N7’s is golden and full of subtle tonal nuances.

MarlaDec13-147PMNoise output is also very different. The A7 seem way cleaner at first look, but if you go deeper into files, the N7 holds its own very well, and retains more detail


MarlaDec13-148I’m really torturing both cameras though !! Horrible light levels, backlighting and shooting them at their usable ISO limits most of the time…



MarlaDec13-151NEX 7 shot, sharp, rich, malleable file

MarlaDec13-153Gosh, do I ever need another camera ??

MarlaDec13-152Probably not…








CannelleDec13-25I’m expecting delivery of a Voïgtlander Nokton 40 1.4 Classic tomorrow. I’ll be testing it on both the A7 and NEX7, but unless I have a true Alpha revelation with it, the A7 will go back shortly after. I’ll stick with the N7 for the time being, until maybe Sony releases a new NEX like flagship body with RF form factor and flat top plate.

CannelleDec13-27I hope you enjoyed the pics and the post, stay tuned for the Nokton review !


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8 Responses to Camera tutti frutti, a mixed Sony mirrorless post

  1. p.shukla says:

    I wish the IQ comparison between the image files of the N7 and the A7 were possible for me to see it possible to add links to full sized image files that made u feel so ….?

  2. Dear Marla,
    Gorgeous photographs as usual. I am a diligent follower of your postings, even though I do not write comments to each of them. I’ve ordered an A7. I won’t sell my Nikon V1 either. I can see a number of important advantages of a decent camera with a 13.2 mm sensor: completely silent electronic shutter for theater and concert, 10 fps continuous autofocus shooting of fast moving targets, 2.7 factor that turns my Nikon 50mm/f1.4 into a 135mm/f1.4, deeper DoF at wider apertures for easier in-door action photography; just to name a few. Likewise, I appreciate a number of advantages of the A7 with its 35 mm sensor. If and when the prices of the NEX 7 are going down, I’ll probably buy a NEX 7, too to have a decent camera with a 23.4 mm sensor either. Yesterday I received my first manual-focus-only lens, which I bought off ebay: an Olympus OM 50mm/f1.8. I have bought six adapters already: OM-NEX, FD-NEX, MD-NEX, AI-NEX, PEN-NEX, Leica M-NEX, and I am in the process of buying more MF-only lenses. Your story and the method of photography drove my attention to this whole new fun-world. I love everything “retro”, especially when combined with state-of-the-art technology to make new life to these old gems. Collecting and using heavy “all metal-body, no-electronics lenses” is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Marla, and keep sharing, Miki.

    • marla2008 says:

      Congratulations Miki !! This is awesome !!! I don’t think you’ll eventualy need *all* the adapters, but it’s a good idea to experiment with a bunch of mounts to see what works well for you. I had chosen OM for my NEX, but they don’t perform remotely as good on A7 (lots of haze happening), otoh my Pentax Asahi 55/1.8 in PK mount is stellar, so are the FD 50/1.4 and the Minoltas in general, the 50/1.4 and 45/2 in particular. You are going to have a BUNCH of fun. I’ve printed the return label for the A7 and will ship it after testing the Notkon 40/1.4 expected today. Prices on the NEX7 have already dropped to unprecedented levels. Just a tip for your A7… shoot RAW 😉

  3. marla2008 says:

    The EXIF data has been left available and unchanged, help yourself 😉 And I never post “full sized” images, ever. Clicking on any image will give you a slightly larger viewing size, which is the format I save in for the web. I don’t see any use for larger web images, other than pixel peeping, which I’ve long been crusading against. I’ve stated which camera under quite a few of them, and any browser EXIF module will let you access full info on the others. You just won’t find any lens related metadata as those are all from older, manual lenses, mostly the MD 45/2, PK 55/1.8 and FD 50/1.4. If you cannot see the difference between them, it makes my point. If you can, it does too. My point being there is only microscopic difference in IQ between both, and images looking ever so slightly natural and better to me on the older N7. YMMV, and this is only as a strict jpeg shooter. The A7 would probably make any RAW shooter overwhelmed with joy.

  4. So, are you the only one to have issues with the color rendition of this camera? What’s about your contacts /sony forums?

  5. Sorry, I was actually referring to the less-than-optimal skin tones you just described. Is it a common criticism amoung your peers?

    • marla2008 says:

      Laurent at this stage anything less than blindly positive about the A7 is more or less taboo on photo boards worldwide, but I have spoken to some photographers I respect, and they are less than thrilled with the jpeg engine in general. Skin tones in particular have not been raised as as specific or separate issue, other than me not liking them. Chances are I’ll return the camera tomorrow.

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