Xmas is here. Can’t escape it, can we ?


MarlaDec13-180And she was *not* at ease on that one…

I remember shooting Christmas pictures with my NEX6 last year. Things were very different then. I didn’t have a wide enough AF lens to cover the festive action, so I had to rely on manual focusing to make memories. I was skeptical at first but it actually worked fairly well. Although this year I do have the excellent SEL35/1.8, I still might pick a smallish manual prime.

MarlaDec13-184Today was a slooooow sunday

I shot a bunch of frames of my drawing kid. Of my eating kid. Of my cartoon watching kid. I skipped the console playing husband 😉

MarlaDec13-186What can you do on a winter, cold, wet, dark Sunday ?

There was this huge discussion on the French photo board I hang at. For a change it was not an equipment oriented debate, which was super refreshing.

MarlaDec13-182An interesting sub topic in the discussion was “how useful critique really is ?”. I guess I need to elaborate but overall my short answer would be : not much.

MarlaDec13-190I mean, as soon as an image is technically 80% correct, all you can critique is content. Which is entirely the author’s choice, and totally subjective anyway.

MarlaDec13-177And it even goes beyond that. My blog posts are always pretty image heavy, which means I am very far from picky when I illustrate them. As long as a shot contributes to the story, I’ll include it. More often than not shots are actually snaps, and meant as such.




MarlaDec13-176PMI always assume readers of a photo blog would rather see more pictures, even if it means lesser quality standards. Please correct me if I’m wrong !!


MarlaDec13-179My two favorite ladies on Earth !


MarlaDec13-183So have I lusted about anything photographic today ? You bet 😉

MarlaDec13-181I might cave in for a Canon FD 50/1.2L… Heaven help me !

Christmas Eve is two nights away. I wish all my fellow photographers a happy, safe, and fun holiday season. May Santa drop a few photographic goodies under your tree, and may you capture a lot of sweet memories.



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10 Responses to Xmas is here. Can’t escape it, can we ?

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. mjwc1 says:

    Merry Christmas Claire, Olivier and Marla. May you have much joy and love throughout the festive season. Best wishes, Matthew

  3. Martin says:

    Merry Christmas!
    The FD 50/1.2 is great; I have the 50/1.4 and it’s very good indeed (on the NEX-7).
    And to answer your question, the reason I read your blog is to see your recent photos, read your stories, and not lots of constant gear discussions (though they are of course interesting, too).

  4. Claire says:

    Hello Martin, hello Matthews ! Merry Christmas to both of you and your respective families. My trusty NEX7 just slipped in my purse and will soon be off to my sister in law’s where we’re all meeting for Xmas’ Eve. The kid is excited to no end and I bet there’ll be some sweet expressions to capture at presents opening time ! Not sure the Nokton and my fingers will be swift enough to capture it all, but I’ll give it my best. Enjoy your night, have fun, eat well, drink moderately and do not drive, in other words, stay safe !!! A very merry Christmas to all my readers base and all people of good will in the world !

  5. antoine says:

    Hello claire, merry christmas to you!
    Thanks to your advice, my christmas was full of picture taken with my new pen f 38mm. How incredible is that lense? I am so smitten with it.
    Just an example (my brother sleeping it off next his wife):

    I don’t know if such a link works but I could not resist showing you the result of your counseling. I hope you had fun too with you gear on that family occasion. I am looking forward to finding out more!

    • marla2008 says:

      Wonderful image !! I am SO happy you love the lens…
      I just discovered another gem myself, advised to me by the same photog friend I bought the PEN from, and I am STUNNED with what this lens can do : Vivitar 28/2 Close Focus lens. Ugly as pond slime but holy crappity smoke !!

      • antoine says:

        Ok, consider me intrigued! The pen blew me away to such an extent that I am anxious to read your review of this vivitar thingy. But first things first, I think I’ll give into the camera bag. Yours seem pretty sweet and not too “camera-bag-looking”, which would be a deal breaker for me.
        BTW, is there a way to write you personal messages without boring everyone reading your blog? Shall I give you my email in the comment section, counting on you not to publish it?

  6. marla2008 says:

    Antoine, the Retrospective 7 blew me away for containing capacity, very high end build and finish, and usability. It’s the loveliest camera bag I’ve ever encountered. I do think Ona makes some amazing looking bags, but in terms of usability I very much doubt they beat, or even challenge, this one…
    Regarding your comments, I personally love to chat one on one with my readers on the blog, I think it gives life to a tiny community of like minded people, but if you want to write me privately, send me your email address via a pm on DPReview, at Marla2008. The Vivitar is just as ugly as the PEN is cute (which says a LOT) but it focuses down to like 15cm and the background blur you get out of it is mind boggling for a 28mm !. Not to mention it’s razor sharp…

    • antoine says:

      Thank you for feeding the buying frenzy that i suffer from. Oscar Wilde said something like “The best way to get rid of a temptation is to give in”, I know what he meant!

      • marla2008 says:

        Well, somebody else said “I can resist anything except temptation”, lol !
        My own buying frenzy has ups and downs, and once in a while I make a bad purchase decision, that tends to calm me down until I’ve been able to resell the bad apple… Sometimes I give in, sometimes I resist as hard as I can, there is no real formula for dealing with this. And sometimes I have money in my pocket but no maker makes any desirable camera !! ’tis the case for me now, come on Sony make me lust again !

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