The skipped “post Christmas” post

Oh my God, did I do that ? Did I really skip the mandatory “post Xmas” post ?!Noel2013-73I did…

Which is surprising, because it was a very “photographic” Christmas ! A recent study demonstrated that taking photographs of any given event lessens our perception and personal memory of it ??… I tend to agree… and disagree at the same time. Or maybe I’m different in that regard, because I have very specific and vivid memories of the events I photograph.

Noel2013-57And photographing IS about making memories, isn’t it ??

Noel2013-32The Christmas dinner we attended at my sister-in-law’s was a great success, full of joy, family fun, happy kids… and cameras.

Noel2013-13I counted no less than 6 in the audience

Noel2013-01My own NEX 7, with Nokton 40/1.4 Classic attached (my trusty PEN F 38/1.8 being temporarily out of service due to its adapter being needed for the repair of my 70/2), the host’s sister’s EOS 60D with 50/1.8 attached, my sister in law’s GF1 with 14-42, and a handful of compacts, cheapo or more capable, including a venerable 4MP Soby Mavica (?? I think…) oldie that should have been retired years ago !!

Noel2013-21As you can see, everybody was on the silly side that night

Noel2013-19And I set to capture just that. Needless to say the NEX7 impressed… again

Noel2013-57This nice lady here was stunned at how good the NEX pics came out when bouncing the little dinky built-in flash (99% of shots attached)

Noel2013-60And even manually focusing a fast prime can yield interesting “action” results

Noel2013-16There was fine food

Noel2013-12Good wine

Noel2013-24Facetious kiddos

Noel2013-36A lot of pictures taken

Noel2013-35of aunties



Noel2013-27with or without their kiddos

Noel2013-29recomposed families

Noel2013-20secrets being told


Noel2013-05friendships (coursthips ?) being born

Noel2013-43more pretty aunties/sisters

Noel2013-61those two really are a pair !

Noel2013-66and so are they πŸ˜‰

Noel2013-74Watching the kids rip their presents open is a treat for all


Noel2013-71And that was yummy as they come

Noel2013-70What more can I ask from the NEX ? It does everything with elegant ease, is unconspicuous, and fits in my purse !


Noel2013-77Sure, I want a new camera, newer and better toys, etc. Do I need any ?? Absolutely not πŸ˜‰

Noel2013-76The N7 handles everything with simple grace, it just begs to create memories for you

Noel2013-63Romeo posing for his aunt

Noel2013-55Then getting behind the camera.

I did lend my NEX that night, but having a manual (and fast !) prime mounted on, it discouraged more than a few candidates. Not my 5 yr old kid though, who soon realized that if turning the focusing ring was too tricky for her (and the Nokton’s is a nightmare), stepping back or forth until her subject was shimmering yellow (focus peaking ON) worked fine. She tooks those shots :

Noel2013-58YES. 5 yrs old, Nokton 40/1.4 @ F1.8

Noel2013-59Here she forgot to properly bounce the flash, that ‘s a lot of work for little 5 yr old hands…

Noel2013-64Even Cannelle got a whole lot of lovin’ going on

Noel2013-50So did little Milan it seems πŸ˜‰

Noel2013-41Marla got to try oysters and to my amazement… loved them !

Noel2013-25He tried and tried, until he got it right…

Noel2013-31Ended up pretty tired

Noel2013-34But not too tired for some step-mommy love

Noel2013-52While Romeo posed confidently for me and his aunt

Noel2013-75There was more gift ripping excitement

Noel2013-82And that’s from the next day’s lunch

Those are obviously family snaps of absolutely zero interest, save for the family involved, but my purpose in sharing them is to answer that question, can a camera be unobstrusive enough to be totally welcome in an private event like Christmas, yet capable enough to produce technically satisfying shots ? To me the answer is yes, and this camera is the NEX, any NEX, for that matter. If you’re incomfortable with manual focus just slap the SEL35/1.8 on it, keep the little flash raised with your fingers for bounce effect and shoot away all night long. Trust me, your DSLR packing relatives will be left scratching their heads at the compared results of your respective rigs. Mine were πŸ˜‰



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4 Responses to The skipped “post Christmas” post

  1. great times…..funny to see my precious (my only lens) nifty fifty on your blog….

  2. marla2008 says:

    Laurent… I’d lie if I say I don’t have a small itch for a 6D from time to time πŸ˜‰ …

  3. KingT says:

    Having tried the manual focus thingy, I can only stare in awe at your photos – you’re the bees knees – you’ve got it licked!! Great shots, all of them.

    • marla2008 says:

      King you’re way too kind !! Thanks for the warm words. And by the way I’m still waiting for those 70-210 shots !!! Happy new year to you and your family πŸ™‚

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