Another horse schooling afternoon

Has2Jan14-01Marla and her long time friend, Chivas

The weather was decent today, with a hint of blue sky and some some sun, so we hopped in the car and drove to the stables. Our twin sisters friends were schooling two young ponies, then Gwen strode in on her prize winning filly. I tried to record it all to the best of the LA-EA4’s ability. The NEX7 is capable, the Sig 70-200 is fantastic, but the AF adapter coupling them is a little on the primitive side of things…

Has2Jan14-14At a slow pace, all is fine and dandy

Has2Jan14-23At the trot it still works well

Has2Jan14-19Still fine at the lope

Has2Jan14-10Jumping is when things get sticky

One would think the natural thing to select for this kind of shooting, is continuous AF. And that’d be a very bad choice. In Continuous AF mode, the camera will not fire until “in focus”. The problem is that it’s almost totally unable to properly track fast motion, so when you depress the shutter if it’s not “in focus”, it keeps on trying to lock, but does not fire.When it ultimately does fire, the horse has long completed what you intended to capture.

Has2Jan14-03I shot about a dozen jumping frames today, and only two were exploitable. Pretty lousy keeper rate if you ask me… Though I did switch back to AF-S pretty early in the day.

Has2Jan14-04Of course what I got is a bunch of very repetitive, hence boring, pony shots. I personally did enjoy though, as I just love this little Welsh pony, she’s so cute and so pretty.

Has2Jan14-06And that’s a pretty nice one too

Has2Jan14-09Some day I’ll get my own kid a Welsh pony, for sure

Has2Jan14-12If she sticks with it, she’ll be like this sooner than later

Has2Jan14-05Spending ALL her free time horseriding

Has2Jan14-07And that’ll be absolutely *fine*

Has2Jan14-11Horse ladies tend to be grounded, focused,

Has2Jan14-02sane, and generally nice people

Has2Jan14-17Riding is a hobby, sports, discipline, and philosophy, all rolled in one

Has2Jan14-15And it usually shapes up very healthy teens, physically and mentally

Has2Jan14-25Yeah… as soon as she gets off the real horse, she sits on a fake one

Has2Jan14-13Maybe she’ll have the same kind of vocation her coach has

Has2Jan14-22Neither I nor her dad would mind

Has2Jan14-20She wanted to go ride *again* today… We made a deal for tomorrow 😉

Has2Jan14-24And finally, the NEX didn’t too that bad… There’ll be a bunch of riders schooling in tomorrow’s session, I hope I can hone my technique a bit. Stay tuned !

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