It gets trickier : one handed horse riding

Has8Jan14-21Yup. And no stirrups either

We had an excellent afternoon at the stables. Marla was breaking out her new low boots and mini chaps, and check out the new embroidered saddle pad as well ! It was the first proper “lesson” she had with her coach in about three weeks, due to the holiday break. Gwen has set up poles for the girls to slalom through, and had interesting ideas about it. Like doing it without stirrups… and one handed !!

Has8Jan14-01The light was actually pretty good yesterday. I never got past ISO 1600

Has8Jan14-02Yet had no trouble keeping my minimum 1/100 shutter speed at all times

Has8Jan14-03Eh eh, new “Marla” stitched saddle pad !!

Has8Jan14-05She seemed a little absent minded at first

Has8Jan14-04Enora was riding her trusty Vidji, as usual


Has8Jan14-06Eclaire was in a pretty peaceful mood, as her face shows

Has8Jan14-09And so the slalom fun starts

Has8Jan14-08At the walk they got it down pat in about two runs

Has8Jan14-10Shutter speed was good, light was nice, I find color rendition faithful

Has8Jan14-11The 50mm equivalent FL still works for me in this environment

Has8Jan14-12Let’s you include the whole place and give a sense of space/depth

Has8Jan14-13The crazy contrast is still there, but I’m used to it by now

Has8Jan14-14At the trot it becomes quite another ballgame

Has8Jan14-15You can see some motion blur in the feet, which I actually like as it gives a sense of motion

Has8Jan14-16Once more, with better direction control this time


Has8Jan14-19And now the real fun starts : doing it one handed !!

Has8Jan14-20If you haven’t been showed how to, it’s pretty tricky (and she hadn’t)

Has8Jan14-22Success rate was pretty abyssmal, lol

Has8Jan14-23Despite trying hard

Has8Jan14-24Hand-on practice, now that’s better

Has8Jan14-25And doesn’t she just love riding with her coach !

Has8Jan14-27Next I very briefly shot the advanced session

Has8Jan14-29More pissed pony !


Has8Jan14-30Oh oh, yes she really IS pissed…

Has8Jan14-26So we’ll practice the one handed stuff at home…


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2 Responses to It gets trickier : one handed horse riding

  1. bek says:

    is marla left handed?

  2. marla2008 says:

    Normally no, she’s right handed, though you make a valid point since she naturally put her right hand in her back when asked to hold the reins with only one hand…

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