Some random NEX7 shots

All my readers know my deep conviction that the NEX7 is still on top of the mirrorless camera pack today. I edited a bunch of shots today and will let you judge its IQ by yourself.

CannelleJan14-01Vivitar 28 F2 Close Focus, wide open



MarlaJan14-0328/2, focus is off

NewBalanceEh eh, look at those beauties…

Has4Jan14-34Sig 70-200/2.8 HSM

MarlaDec13-20128/2. I have the much sought after “Komine” version, serial starting with “28”

MarlaDec13-203That’s probably the MD 45/2, wide open (what else ?)

MarlaJan14-07Sushi is Marla’s new best friend. From the Beauval zoo

MarlaJan14-04100% crop from the Vivitar. WOW

MarlaJan14-06Sushi loves baking

Noel2013-84Marla had fun taking, and sharing pictures on Christmas lunch

CannelleJan14-0228/2 Close Focus

MarlaJan14-05There’s a lot of painting going on in this house !

Noel2013-85SEL35, my favorite native E mount lens

So those are my N7 images for tonight. Sony is rumoured to announced its successor shortly before the CP+ show in February. It took them three years to come out with an upgrade. It’d better be good…


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3 Responses to Some random NEX7 shots

  1. That Vivitar looks to be amazing. love the crop of Marla’s eyes and her xmas dress is a beautiful colour on her. After last night’s convo it had better be BLOODY good!! 😉

  2. MJWC1 says:

    The IQ in your photos is consistently excellent. I’m sure at least part of it is down to your skills, but the camera does make great looking pictures. The skin tones and colour balances are exquisite.

    • marla2008 says:

      Matthews, though the N7 has its own limitations, they are very few. It’s more quirky that limited, actually. If I wanted to go over those and have a perfect solution for every situation, it’d take me no less than *three* cameras (or worse, systems). The fact that the N7 can cover all of my photographic needs in an elegant and rather simple manner explains why, despite many existing challengers, it’s still my number tool as to today. I’ll admit that manual focusing, for instance, is mostly a matter of operator skills. But sheer IQ ? knowing all those are lightly processed jpegs) ? Gotta give that to the camera !

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