One 6D image

Marla6D-01ISO 3200, dim, crappy light.

One word on the camera. It’s absolutely *handsome*. As much as the D600 was an ugly duckling, this one is one fine lucking guy. Feels perfect in the hand. Other than that… It’s a DSLR. fixed screen, very limited use of Live View. And the horrid Canon WB. Oh gosh, I had forgotten I switched back to Nikon in 2009 just because of that. RAW shooters, yeah fine. Jpeg ? Forget it. Not to mention the Custom WB setting scheme is totally psychotic, it’s been for years. I think they hired an Olympus engineer to come up with that !! Setting Custom WB and/or fine-tuning WB on the NEX is an easy, limpid and efficient affair that takes two button presses at the worst. On Canon cameras it is not only a long and painful ordeal, but it’s also usually totally off the mark once you done. Useless, blah…

Good things : yes it’s very clean at high ISO, and yes, it’s superbly quiet, even without silent mode engaged (I actually wouldn’t dare turn that on for fear of having zero confirmation a shot has been taken !). The screen is beautiful, the viewfinder is large, all is well in DSLR land. It’s coming to the stables today just for the record and put the metering to test. After that it goes back. I’m done with DSLRs, for good.

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7 Responses to One 6D image

  1. George says:

    In my humble opinion Claire, the image lacks the punch that you have been getting from your 7. The Sony has become a part of you, like any craftsman who has mastered his/her trade , tools are used almost without a second thought. You have set yourself a standard that will be hard to achieve with other brands of cameras. keep on with the G.A.S it make an enjoyable daily read.

  2. Gavin says:

    I was now hoping you’d fall in love with it so I could take your sig 70-200 off your hands for a reasonable sum. Really struggled with just the sal1650 at a kids party this weekend. Any suggestions for obtaining extra reach wothout breaking the bank. The sal85mm lookss pretty goos value.

  3. Claire, I think it is a tad unfair to post that only picture as an introduction to your review.

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