NEX7 on a roll

CannelleJan14-03I tried to make this kind of shot today with the 6D. Fixed screen, near to useless live view mode = no dice

MarlaJan14-09My husband saw me editing shots tonight and commented that looking at my pictures, one would think our daughter *lives* on that couch. Lol

MarlaJan14-08She does more or less grow on it, indeed 😉

MarlaJan14-12I love the NEX7 files. So malleable and easy to work with

MarlaJan14-10Cannelle likes that sofa too

MarlaJan14-13Lot of folks bitch about Sony jpegs, and I really have to scratch my head WHY


MarlaJan14-11I actually find them pretty cracking good


MarlaJan14-16It can be a moody camera. And I like that

MarlaJan14-18Sony is rumoured to introduce the NEX7 successor within 2-3 weeks. If it’s only as good as the current N7, that’ll be pretty nice



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