Bubbling fun

Until I start working again in early April, Marla comes home for lunch. She usually eats on the couch watching cartoons with her dog, then makes a few drawing before brushing her teeth and heading back to school. Today she fetched an old bottle of bubble formula in her bedroom, and started blowing bubbles. I jumped on the NEX7 and shot away.

MarlaJan14-26The bubble and her face being almost on the same focus plane, both are reasonably sharp even at F:1.8

MarlaJan14-27In case you wonder this is the SEL35 here, in jpeg mode and with *very* little post editing

MarlaJan14-28My jpeg scheme for NEX is Landscape Contrast -1 Saturation +1 Sharpness +1 , for the NEX7, on the 6 I leave sharpness alone or even turn it down one notch


MarlaJan14-30It was pretty hard to get her to put that down and go back to school !

MarlaJan14-31Bubbles are endlessly fun, and great to photograph, too. I might have another go at it tonight. Try it at home with your own kids !!


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8 Responses to Bubbling fun

  1. irifi says:

    One of Marla’s double bubbles (~1 meter across) was seen near San Francisco . . . Taken w/ S100, however, there might be a NEX 7 on the horizon, soon!

  2. Ah AH, I did that last week with my #1. Outside, by minus 25C (they freeze almost instantly). Lots of fun too, but it is incredibly hard to take pictures with gloves!!!!! (plus not sure if its healthy for DLSRs anyway)

  3. bluejuice69 says:

    I really like the first shot. Colours look great, very natural. On the a58 I struggle with this type of shot with light streaming from the window, what do you do with wb, metering mode, af point? probably me, the nex 6 seems to a bit more predictable than then the a58 and the better screen make it easiet to figure out what your going to get before hitting the trigger.


    Ps liked your post on the bazooka indoor. Trying to find a 50-150 sigma, wish sigma still made an a mount ver5 of this.

    • marla2008 says:

      First, good luck in finding one. They’re very rare, but with time and a close watch, you’ll grab one (I did, last year, for my A58, indeed, both sold ever since). I shoot Manual mode all the time, which allows me to know exactly what kind of exposure I’m getting at all times. Just set your aperture once and for all, chose a proper ISO value (don’t let the camera do the guesswork), and alter shutter speed with your thumbwheel. You’ll see exposure lighten or darken real time either on the LCD or in the EVF. You can help yourself with the histogram if you want, but I found the SLT’s exposure preview as accurate and reliable as my NEX’s. Metering mode becomes a moot point since you’re trusting your eyes to get it right (and they will, much better than any camera meter). AF point, obviously on the face, or center and focus recompose, but with a child moving, even slightly, it might throw your focus off, so selecting the AF point closest to the face could be the way to go. WB is the exact same thing as exposure, just fine tune it using full time Live View ! Unless you’re dealing with mixed light sources, which NO camera will make a good job at, Auto and presets work decently well on Sony cams in general (the A7 being the most finicky).

      • bluejuice69 says:

        Thanks Marla, that was useful. Im in the middle of a meeting now bored out of my head, so will properly absorb your reply later.

        For now how does the 50-150 compare to the 70-200, I was going.for the 50 just for the small size saving.

        Re WB, with the slt I not alwayd experiencing the WYSIWYG I do with the nex, couple of shots thi morning looked lovely on the lcd, shot when reviewed was cooler/bluer.

        Ps original post was me…sorry for any confusion Didn’t realised I was signed in ynder another account.


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