A few thoughts on cameras’ future : relax, nobody’s gonna die (at least not any time soon)

There has been a boatload of articles, news features and fora debate going on lately about the “future of cameras”. And boy I’ve never seen so much doom predicted in any one area ! DSLRs are dead ! Mirrorless is a fad ! Olympus’s going bankrupt ! Panasonic’s gonna close their camera division. And better yet : cameras will disappear with the use of smartphones !

Ok, let’s step back a minute, breathe through our noses and chill. Nobody’s gonna die, at least not in a very near future. There ARE some very deep changes going on, I’m not denying that. However I do not see the DSLR as a dying dinosaur, nor do I predict that mirrorless is going to wither and disappear, or the camera as an standalone item fade into oblivion. None of this should happen in any foreseable future.

Why ? Because there are still a BUNCH of applications where the *highest* image quality (output) is required. And in which conditions are challenging to capture that output. Fast AF and lots of sophisticated modes and external controls are still gonna be very much needed for a very long time. The DSLR is not dying anytime soon. Pros will always need top notch IQ *and* finger estate, too. Ok, mirrorless then ? Was mirrorless a fad that is finally not going to survive long term ? I don’t think so either. Because for non pros who love top notch IQ and quality operation but put compactness and portability above ruggedness or balance with heavy lenses, a smaller, lighter body is godsend. And there is much, MUCH more. Personally the one reason I could not live without my NEX is the full time exposure preview known as “Live View” that is available in all modes, and does not slow the camera down to slug pace, as it does on DSLRs so far (with the Canon 70D being the first exception).

Out of curiosity, I did a little research on what is supposed to be the best camera available in a cellphone today, and what kind of output it delivers. Bottom line, I was appalled. IQ of those things is horrendous, and without heavy massaging in dubious editing programs like Instagram and the like, it’s downright pukable. So dwelling more on the issue has made me all the more convinced that I’m still gonna be using a real camera for a long, long time…


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3 Responses to A few thoughts on cameras’ future : relax, nobody’s gonna die (at least not any time soon)

  1. None of those camera’s are going to die, but, still , the very significant decrease of sales in camera’s in general (I am sure you have read the VSL blog post about those numbers) might push one or more of those companies out of business. Most of the camera’s available nowadays are “good enough” for most people (I honestly think I would be very happy with a camera from either brand, but I am not really picky) , and will be good enough for quite a few years, so people might buy a camera every 4-5 years, instead of every 2-3 years.

    I am hopeful, though, that people are simply shifting their hobby money toward lenses, instead of cameras.

  2. I too doubt that cameras will disappear, maybe the pickings will become slimmer and certain companies may not survive the cull, but we have discussed before how DSLR’s are still very relevant for all sorts of purposes and how MILC can live along side them. There’s room for everyone 🙂

  3. bluejuice69 says:

    I might die if aftet spending all this money on A mount, sony or (someone else) crack af on mirror less and A mount is retired or reserved for very high end.

    My wife will do something very unpleasant to me if any tiame soon I srart spending again but on a different system.

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