MarlaJan14-35From RAW

MarlaJan14-35bisFrom Jpeg

Obviously my RAW editing ain’t quite up to speed yet… But I’m not stubborn or opposed to exploring new horizons. At least I made one huge progress tonight, a genuine leap. I found a way to open any RAW file with Adobe Camera Raw, despite having a totally obsolete Photoshop version named CS3. All I had to do was download the free Adobe converter, and by a spell of dumb luck and default settings, the DNG converted files appear in the same folder than the original ARW ones, so I can still browse images in Bridge, and a double click opens them in CS3. All I have to do to process a RAW is select the .DNG file, rather than the .jpg one. Darn easy 😉 ACR is by far my preferred way of editing RAW files, because I don’t need to jump from one program to another (LR anyone ?) and it’s as barebone as they come. I just adjust exposure and color balance, may access a little noise smoothing if need, then go straight back to my ordonary jpeg workflow, or resizing and sharpening. Worthy of a try, really…


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3 Responses to RAW !

  1. Dave Uhlig says:


    Have you seen this link:

    I hope Sony brings the right camera announcement in February. The Fuji lenses are looking really good. Have you messed with an X-E2 at all? From what I have read, the viewfinder isn’t quite as good as what Sony has. But, I really like the Fuji lens selection. I may have to visit my local camera store and check it out! One of the main reasons I don’t want to quit on Sony is the Zeiss 24 1.8. I absolutely love that lens. But if this 56mm from Fuji looks this good……

  2. bruce says:

    Presently I’m using Lightroom 5.3 after years of using PSP. I shoot a fair amount of RAW and convert, after adjusting the image, into JPEG. There a number of videos available on Lightroom which have been a welcome source.

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