A coat of many colors (a blind test ?)

Yes, I do like Dolly Parton songs. And this is a mixed camera post, hence the title 😉

MarlaJan14-44EXIFs are available, so I’m not trying to trick you into anything

MarlaJan14-39But various bodies and lenses were used for the pics in that post.

I retrieved my older Macbook Pro (MBP, for short) out of the repair shop today. A connector had to be replaced. The repair guy argued that it was still not working properly, and needed a couple of hundred euros of extra surgery. I denied, to his dismay. “It’s working pretty much at random” he said when I walked ouf of the shop with laptop tucked under my arm. Well, random is pretty lucky so far, because I turned the computer on and guess what, it functions *perfectly*, at least for now.  I removed any unnecessary file, cleaned up a few programs and will not be multitasking with it, but for Marla to get acquainted with a keyboard, watch kiddy flicks and learn typing, it’ll do just fine. That long anecdote just to explain how I came to explore some older captures of a couple of weeks back, and process a handful, which I sharing here.

MarlaJan14-45My buddy photog Tracy was also curious about the Samyang 85/1.4 manual focus lens, so I thought I’d snap a couple of quick shots with the lens (I happen to have it on a long term loan from my friend Claude) and throw them in here. See if you can pick them up ?


RaphaelNov13-50Some of those files I revisited were out of the FF Sony A7. Upon browsing through them and editing a couple, I thought I had maybe been a bit harsh in my judgement of the camera. No, it was not “worth the upgrade” over the NEX7 to me, but it certainly is capable of nice images.

MarlaJan14-49As some of you know I’m really at a crossroad, gear wise. My N7 is not going anywhere and will stay with me no matter what. It’ll very soon be worth next to nothing on the used market, at least not worth enough to me to bother selling it. Plus so far, I do *not* trust Sony will bring out a worthy successor to this amazing classic.

MarlaJan14-42My fear is we might have seen the last full metal body, flat top plates with flush wheels and elegantly simple design. From now on I’m concerned it’s gonna be all humps, knurled dials, and empty feeling plastic bodies.

MarlaJan14-38So my NEX7 stays, whatever I buy next

MarlaJan14-47But of course, I’ll add a second body. I just like having two. The other day Marla was using the N7 to take pictures of her friend Noa, featured above, and the whole scene was so damn cute and fresh, and I couldn’t document it because she had my camera in hand already !

MarlaJan14-48And I could use a better performing camera in very bad light

MarlaJan14-43Will the Fuji XT-1 be that providential new kid ?

MarlaJan14-46Or do you think the future Sony APS-C flagship will be good enough that it finally makes me want to invest fully in E mount lenses ??

MarlaJan14-40Or will I, heaven forbid, fall in the trap of yet another A7 unit ?? 😉


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3 Responses to A coat of many colors (a blind test ?)

  1. Wow, I never realized the nex7 was now almost in my price range. Need to keep an eye on those….

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