A dark, dark winter day

Has29Jan14-01Another dark winter day at the stables. 3200 ISO dark.

Laurent, one of the blog’s most faithful readers, suggested I got up on the large wooden beams supporting the barn’s roof, to get pictures are cool new angles. Well, Laurent, I couldn’t really do that. There’s nothing low enough to pull myself up there, and the few lower spots where I could possibly have sat would probably have upsetted the ponies if they’d seen somebody in a place they’re not accustomed to. As it turned out, Marla even took a bad fall when her mare got spooked by… a loose hen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Has29Jan14-02So today’s pictures are gonna be very similar from all the stable images you’ve seen before. That’s both a good and a bad thing.

Bad, because it makes for boring, repetitive posts, and good, as it displays the NEX7’s ability to deliver technically good pictures, regardless of conditions.

Has29Jan14-03Chivas was back from a little runaway stunt in the nearby fields

Has29Jan14-42I had promised Laurent I would try and show a little bit more of the farm grounds

Has29Jan14-36Lovely subjet isolation and detail rendering from the SEL35 at 1.8

Has29Jan14-06I had no choice but to use ISO 3200 thoughout the entire session indoor

Has29Jan14-04And Enora had no choice but to ride the much feared Polhaar today

Has29Jan14-08Things look slow and peaceful. In appearance only. Eclaire got spooked by a loose hen and sent Marla in a spectacular flying fall ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Has29Jan14-07We were all sorry for her. Chivas wasn’t fazed one bit, though

Has29Jan14-05Back on the poney she went. My little trooper…

Has29Jan14-15No fall for Enora, she handled Polhaar perfectly !

Has29Jan14-11I see a smile. All is well

Has29Jan14-17I see concentration, too

Has29Jan14-12From both girls

Has29Jan14-16I see more coaching and support

Has29Jan14-13I processed that from RAW. Better way to handle the crazy contrast ๐Ÿ˜‰

Has29Jan14-09A little unsure here


Has29Jan14-21Light *that* low is tough to catch motion

Has29Jan14-20Battle of wills


Some of the odler girls came and inquired about the camera. “When you take the shot”, she asked, “it comes out clean right away ?”. I had no idea what she was talking about. I made her reformulate but still wasn’t sure what her question was. I chose to show her instead. I picked up a 1/40s shutter speed and let her see how the ponies’ legs were blurry with motion. Then I kicked it up to 1/100s and showed her they were sharp. She got the idea.


Has29Jan14-24Here’s my 1/40s proof in the pudding shot


Has29Jan14-251/60s is a little short, too


Has29Jan14-28From jpeg. I still keep RAW editing to a barebone minimum

Has29Jan14-29The N7’s native DR being exquisitely wide

Has29Jan14-31They finally got along fine

Has29Jan14-30Eclaire had a new, slighter more severe bit, along with a German noseband today (whenever you read “German” about equine equipment, you can safely assume it’s “tougher”, lol). To try to give Marla a smidge more control over her

Has29Jan14-32Relaxing after the lesson

Has29Jan14-38I might enter this image in a challenge called “Repetition”

Has29Jan14-33And so the session ended

Has29Jan14-34The huge pile of sand is bound to go in the new indoor arena (on the right)

Has29Jan14-35A genuine French Percheron mare

Has29Jan14-40That’s one big ol’ farm

Has29Jan14-37And one very wet dog


Has29Jan14-41The gaping black opening on the left is the indoor barn I shoot the sessions in. Dark, anyone ??

So, Jan 30th. The Fuji XT-1 has been announced, previewed, and is making quite a splash. Olympus’s own entry-level E-M10 has been pretty much darwed and all but totally overshadowed by the Fuji announcement. I do find the E-M10 much more appealing than either the Spartian E-M5, or ass ugly E-M1, though. Probably one very capable little body to carry in a cargo pocket with a 25/1.8 prime permanently glued on it (by next Christmas price should have settled down very nicely as well…). What is the f#ck Sony doing ? Who knows.. I suspect they’re waiting for CP+ in mid February to come out with the NEX 6/7 successor. By then my XT-1 will be pre-ordered and getting closer by the day. Sure, I’ll most likely try the new Sony as well, unless the form factor is so screwed up I don’t even want to. But let’s not be unnecessarily pessimistic here. As we say in French, “le pire n’est jamais sรปr” (don’t ever count on worst) ๐Ÿ˜‰


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6 Responses to A dark, dark winter day

  1. padam says:

    Yes for AF and ergonomics, it is clearly lagging behind the competition, but for sheer image quality the Sony NEX is still ahead of these (m43 is closing up but the X-trans does produce weird things sometimes), hopefully the JPEG engine will not take a backwards step. I also like the offset EVF not that many cameras have that, and that will be upgraded as well.
    And the latest news it that the higher-end E-mount cameras will have built-in stabilization as well. Much simpler than the Olympus one, but for me, every little helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I had a good laugh to see the dog in the group picture exactly at the same spot, Great pic.

    Totally like the pic of the isolated dog. And the percheron too

    • marla2008 says:

      Yup Laurent, he’d been missing the whole morning, probably running after some deer or other game… Therefore once back (and dutyfully scolded by Gwen, though I advised against it -I know better than to yell at a returning dog… or husband ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! )he just rolled up in a ball and slept through the day.

  3. It was interesting to see your photos of the outside of the stables and farm – giving some context to the interior shots. Thank you!

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