A photography giant : Don Mc Cullin

I guess I’m on a crusade to spread my love for Donald Mc Cullin, the photographer *and* the man, by sharing various links of available videos about him

This is the BBC “Imagine” 1:31 documentary that was made in 2013. That’s the most exhaustive and comprehensive piece about him yet, I think.

That is a really exciting program by Canon, introducing Mc Cullin to digital cameras, coached by Jeff Ascough. It’s called “Seeking the light” and is a real treat. Seing Mc Cullin first shrink back from digital editing the very first time he sees it at work, and then giving in and being awed by it, is precious.

Redundant Warrior, is a vid I found today and had never seen before… In this fascinating film, he talks about moving from “small cameras” to “larger format cameras” and comments : “I’m going bigger, slower, more thoughful, and I’m trying to record history as we throw it away”. Amazing document of his darkroom practice, too.

Here a 3 part interview :Part 1

I’ll try to scout more and post later. Watch those for starters. You’ll meet a photography giant, doubling an amazing man. Plus, he’s handsome. For female viewers, that can’t hurt 😉


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4 Responses to A photography giant : Don Mc Cullin

  1. George says:

    I have always been a fan of Don, this 3/12 min interview has recently been posted, well worth a watch.

  2. marla2008 says:

    He’s indeed an amazing gentleman. I enjoy watching these immensely. The Canon program video where he gets acquainted with a digital system for the first time is pretty awesome.

  3. Saw an amazing documentary about him last night. I can’t understand how I didn’t know about him before that. Just another example of the cultural wilderness that is Australia.

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