Handful of random shots

MarlaJan14-50Remember I said my older MBP was back from repair ? It’s working flawlessly, so Marla more or less has her own Apple laptop now !

MarlaJan14-51A little flash love, for the doubtful.

MarlaJan14-53We had a little face painting session…

MarlaJan14-54The weather is still drab, wet, dark. Not much to photograph at all, and stuck inside most of the time. Next week end we’ll be heading for the French Alps, for a one week ski vacation. Needing ALL the concentration I can get when on a pair of skis, I absolutely do not want to bother with any camera above compact cam size. I’ve been trying to hunt an affordable used RX100, but those things don’t seem to exist. Looks like my old, battered Canon S90 will have to do.

MarlaJan14-55Mixed lighthing… Don’t you just love funky WB ?

BTW, this shot is with the Sigma 70-200/2.8, hardly the easiest lens to use indoor. That’s ISO1600, and if it seems decently clean at web viewing size, it’s actually a little noisy, and not über clean. Get the flash out, and you get this instead :

MarlaJan14-57and the crop :

CropMarlaJan14-01A little flash goes a long, long way !

MarlaJan14-56Another case of flashless, nightmare WB

MarlaJan14-52Still zero news of a possible new camera on the Sony front. One is supposed to be announced in less than two weeks !! CP+ (a large imaging show) starts on Feb 13th, however nobody has the slighest shred of plausible information about the upcoming model. Starting to doubt its existence altogether !

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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One Response to Handful of random shots

  1. MJWC1 says:

    Beautiful shots as always. The colours are just gorgeous – that one of Marla colouring-in to die for.
    The bazooka, too, is a fantastic bit of gear and shows Marla’s lovely skin very nicely.

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