A welcome ray of light, plenty of horse colors

Hmm.. I should have titled this post, “I LOVE my Sig 70-200”. I do.

Has31Jan14-01No real interesting or compelling story today. Just a bunch of horse pictures. The sun made a brief appearance, giving a much welcome break in the dreary weather of the past weeks. Riders went out, and my beloved “Bazooka” was there to capture them.

Has31Jan14-02Marla supervised the session

Has31Jan14-03Fanny’s mare, Flaunt, being injured, she borrowed Morgan’s “Fiona”

Has31Jan14-04I love that little black horse. Very photogenic

Has31Jan14-05Emilie and Almighty d’Has (aka “Doudou”)

Has31Jan14-07I love this variety of colors !

Has31Jan14-08And find the Sigma 70-200/2.8 to be an absolutely outstanding lens !

Has31Jan14-06I’m starting to think that I actually do NOT need a new camera at all !!

Has31Jan14-12I mean… what else can I ask for ??


Has31Jan14-13The handsome Okinawa and his owner, Seb the carpenter

Has31Jan14-10Arghh… this lens has me under its spell

Has31Jan14-15Severine, who’s horse is also injured, was riding Marjorie’s “Océane”

Has31Jan14-16What a pretty little pair



Has31Jan14-20The Boss

Has31Jan14-21The Princess

Has31Jan14-18The chicken !

Has31Jan14-22Riders taking instructions from the coach

Has31Jan14-23APS-C is a perfect compromise for my type of work

Has31Jan14-24Good bye Coach !

Ok, let’s get this straight. Do I need a new camera in a near future ? Asbsolutely not. Would it be fun to try new cameras asap ? You bet !!! Muhahahaha….


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to A welcome ray of light, plenty of horse colors

  1. Should’ve titled the post ‘….Tracy might keep the 99 just to have one…..!’

    Amazing set, can’t pick a fave amongst them :),

  2. marla2008 says:

    My friend, the only thing you haven’t tried so far is the one that could actually keep you put in one spot 😉

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