New NEX in the stable : the 5R gets warmed up

I love to travel with a two camera set-up. I equip one body with a versatile zoom, and the other with a fast prime, and I can tackle just about any situation. It’s even better when the bodies share similar interface, output… and batteries 😉 Last year in Venice I had brought the NEX7 with 35/1.8, completed with the 28-105 equivalent Fuji X10. It was a good combo but meant two chargers, a bunch of batteries (the X10 goes through them like a junkie through shots of meth), and juggling with two very different interfaces. I’m getting too old for these slights of hand/mind. I had in mind to keep another Sony camera for our two coming trips, the French Alps, and Venice again. The RX100 eluding my buying attempts, I ended up with an amazing deals on a used 5R.

MarlaFev14-21The 5R with OM 50/1.8 wide open : SHARP

MarlaFev14-22With SEL 35 wide open

MarlaFev14-23With accessory flash and DIY alufoil reflector !

The 5R is a good deal smaller and lighter than the 7. There is a not-too-sensitive touch panel that you can desactivate as you wish. I wish in Manual mode the top wheel would change shutter speed rather than aperture, but overall operation is straight forward and UI is good. The 5R share the 6’s Fn button calling a six item menu that will let you stock your most changed settings.

CannelleFev14-06IQ is absolutely flawless


MarlaFev14-24I didn’t even add any accentuation to this shot in post, it’s über sharp right out of the box

Helico5RWith the accessory flash at ISO 400


RouteFev14Kit lens

MarlaFev14-20I think the 5R likes my kid 😉

CannelleFev14-07And it certainly *loves* my dog !


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5 Responses to New NEX in the stable : the 5R gets warmed up

  1. Gar says:

    Very cute pics. I will be very interested to see how the skin tones compare between the Fuji XT-1 and the Sony cameras. Hope you can post some examples when you get the XT-1. In the meantime the Sony’s are very good.


  2. Wait this is a ski vacation….you should have picked aGo Pro instead!!!!!

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