Gone skiing, but not just that…

Buying cameras, too. The new Sony APS-C E mount body has been announced, and it’s fair enough that I pre-ordered one (in black, thanks).

Pralognan14-74In the meantime the 5R we took along, in order not to submit my beloved 7 to rough conditions, is taking abuse without a hiccup. Low temperatures, then shooting all afternoon covered in melted snow, and it never missed a bit. Image quality is stunning with the 35/1.8, and adequate with the 18-55. I’m seriously considering the CZ 16-70/4 to up my traveling game.

Pralognan14-64Err… I wasn’t too sure about that

The Sony A6000 isn’t the only thing I sprung for today. I also made a deposit for a lovely white schooling pony, named Pirouette, for Marla. Stay tuned for a lot of horsey news upon our return !!

Pralognan14-70That went surprisingly well

Pralognan14-72Big mountain, small skier, NEX 5R

Pralognan14-68I wish the 16-70/4 wasn’t so ludicrously expensive…

Pralognan14-73Tomorrow is exam day. Fingers crossed !


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3 Responses to Gone skiing, but not just that…

  1. Ooh love that last shot! The 5r looks awesome. Not that I’ve seen a ‘bad’ NEX yet. 😉

  2. bruce says:

    Looks like the family is having a grand time. Shots look good. Glad to hear you ordered the new 6000, now I can wait until all you Beta testers can sort things out! LOL
    Have fun!

  3. Dave Uhlig says:

    Cool, have a blast. I may be leaning more toward the A7. Even with the negatives. I will keep the Nex 6 for my back up. That 5r is doing the job, might not be a bad camera to keep in the bag!

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