Second ski grade : check !

L’école du ski français, the well reputed E.S.F. has a very well laid out teaching program, starting at age 4, and going all the way to ski coach level. Marla got her first grade last year (I blogged about that back then), and tried for the second, “l’Ourson” this year. And it’s my pleasure to report that she passed, with flying colors, too.

Pralognan14-97 The day was overcast and not easy to shoot, but the NEX 5R handled it with as much grace as possible. I’m really yearning to lay hands on the Zeiss branded 16-70/4, which is both way more versatile and faster than the basic 18-55 I’m using on this trip.

Pralognan14-89The two lady teachers briefing their troops

Pralognan14-90Herding the little ones


Pralognan14-92The kids awaiting the test results

Pralognan14-93Most of them got the most sought after reward, but some will have to take the course over again next year (they still do get an intermediate grade)

Pralognan14-94Marla’s friend Elsa being awarded the Ourson (in lighter pink helmet)

Pralognan14-95Lady teacher pinning medal to her jacket while Marla checks out her official ski grades card

Pralognan14-96A very spontaneous kiss from a very proud Papa

Pralognan14-98Posing witht the school’s giant prairie dog

Pralognan14-99Practicing right away at going down slopes with her dad. Tomorrow is our last day, heading home on Sunday. Marla can’t wait to pick her dog back up, and meet her new pony. As usual, stay tuned…


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3 Responses to Second ski grade : check !

  1. MJWC1 says:

    Wonderful photos Claire. You have not only captured very special moments in the life of your very special family, but have captured them through images that are amazingly vibrant and evocative. It’s always a joy to see a new post from you!

  2. Great stuff, and what a backdrop! Well done to Marla, a fitting conclusion to a lovely family trip. 🙂

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