Last day in the Alps

That’s it, we’re at the end of our ski vacation. School is now actually off, and the resort just filled up over the few last hours, time for us to pack and go home !Pralognan14-100Marla skied with her dad again today, and we even tried to bring her up a peak and on a blue slope. Not a great idea, a tad too steep for her little legs

Pralognan14-101In the morning we took a walk in the woods, to see a nearby waterfall

Pralognan14-102Judging exposure from the LCD screen was a real challenge, even with the “Sunny Weather” setting. I longed for my NEX7’s EVF…

Pralognan14-103Marla wondered at the waterfall, and hoped to spot prairie dogs

Pralognan14-104Of course no such thing happened, but she enjoyed the walk nonetheless

Pralognan14-105I love tall pine trees

Pralognan14-106Epic snowballs battle

Pralognan14-107I see glee in her eyes

Pralognan14-108We ain’t much next to the mountain

Pralognan14-109Last slope of the year

Pralognan14-110And a tired little skier

We’ll be off to home in the morning. Overall I’m very pleased with how the little NEX5R I had bought for the occasion performed. More than a little curious to see what kind of an “upgrade” the A6000 will turn out to be…


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4 Responses to Last day in the Alps

  1. MJWC1 says:

    Well, as tricky as it may have been, you clearly did a good job of judging exposure. The 5R clearly produces nice images – just not sure I could live without a built-in EVF (been there, done that, didn’t like it at all for MF). I really love the sense of scale in the first one and the shot of Marla with glee in here eye is just lovely.

    • marla2008 says:

      Matthew I 100% agree with you about the EVF, and t’is the reason I’ll replace the 5R with a second EVF’ed body, as judging exposure from screen in bright conditions require a lot of training, and even with it, remains not foolproof…

  2. Bill McInerney says:

    Could you please tell us which lens you used for these photos? Were these taken with the 1855? They seem very sharp and the color is very good.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Bill 🙂 Yeah, except the very few indoor shots (one or two, tops), all were taken with the 18-55. I tend to not like this lens very much, and overall prefer the black version, from experience with a handful of both silver and black units, but the particular silver copy that came with my 5R seems pretty good ! It is clearly versatile, while lacking range at the tele end for photographing on slopes. I also bump into the max aperture quite a bit when wanting to isolate subject, for all those reasons I just broke the piggy bank for the Zeiss 16-70/4, keeping fingers crossed I get a good copy (no return options unless truly rotten) and I don’t regret the hefty price tag (though I’m buying from someone I know with a lovely discount over New price).

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