Back home, shooting 7 and 5R side by side

MarlaFev14-34Still the dead of winter, so very low light pictures are the norm

We got home last night from our one week ski vacation in the Alps. We had a wonderful time and the little NEX5R I had brought for the occasion did a pretty sweet job.

NEX5RFev14-01Yup, doesn’t look like much with a crappy DIY alufoil flash reflector, but this set-up will give you output on par with the best DLSRs out there, and then some…

MarlaFev14-26All shots in this post are flashless though, except for the N7 “product” images

MarlaJan14-58NEX7 and SEL35

One thing I can say about the 5R and 6, is that I like their output even better than that of the N7. Images are a bit cleaner and a good deal sharper out of the box. However, coming home and holding the N7 again after a week, really made me realize how superior it is in terms of build, ergonomics and controls.

Nex7Fev14-01It IS beautiful and it FEELS even better

NEX7Fev14-02The just announced A6000 taking its design cues from the N7 is NO coincidence, either 😉

CannelleFev14-08NEX5R, ISO 1600, *very* low light, jpeg file. Check out the fine hair detail





What I’m saying is, both are excellent. I do like the 5R’s low light output a smidge better, and the N7’s build and control scheme is vastly superior.

MarlaFev14-27Near darkness, 5R


MarlaFev14-31N7. All N7 shots are with the PEN F 38/1.8 wide open

What’s the photographic scoop these days ? I’m getting the 16-70 I’ve been yearning for, for a while now. Hopefully I may get my PEN 70/2 back, and fixed (fingers crossed). And I do have the A6000 on pre-order. Won’t be released before early April though, so not holding my breath. Our next trip and I’ll be taking both the N7 with 16-70/4 and the 5R with 35/1.8 (or the other way around, doesn’t matter).What about the Fuji XT-1 then ? My lust for it has purely and simply vanished. As good as the Fuji lens line-up is, I just can’t relate with the retro styling and “analog controls” gimmick, it doesn’t work for me in real life. The clean, sleek lines of the Sony cams is what I feel comfortable with. As usual, stay tuned.


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