Eclaire, last take ! (for now)

Has19Janv14-08I love this little mare. She’s made my kid progress enormously over the last ten months, and I’ll be forever grateful for her kindness, spunk, energy, beauty and just overall awesomeness. I’m excited and happy to be buying Marla her own pony, but I admit I have mixed feeling about letting this one go. BTW, Marla took this shot 😉

Has19Janv14-11There was a pretty advanced jumping session today. I know I wouldn’t have stay in the saddle very long…

Has19Jan14-01As usual, we started out with Marla’s lesson, in the barn. All indoor shots by the NEX5R and SEL35, wide open, high ISO (1600-3200)

Has19Jan14-02Our friend Fanny was lungeing her Welsh Cob mare, the feisty Flaunt

Has19Jan14-04While Marla had a few battles of her own. While Eclaire is a super affectionate pony, she’s not always a very compliant one !

Has19Jan14-03We waited for Fanny to evacuate the (dance floor) barn to truly start working

Has19Janv14-06I never shoot much when I’m in charge of the lesson. It’s tough to do both at the same time !

Has19Jan14-05But I did capture the pair looking smug

Has19Janv14-07And the one, last, last hug

Has19Janv14-09Then we moved to the outdoor arena for the Advanced session

Has19Janv14-12Which was strictly jumping today : Camille and Fauvette

Has19Janv14-10Marjorie and her pretty Appaloosa mare, Oceane

Has19Janv14-13Flaunt has the *most* unusual jumping style. She does not go *up* at ALL, she just FLIES over the bar in one huge horizontal stride that would cause me to dismount on the stop ! Then, she goes off bucking off like a demon

Has19Janv14-16Almighty and Emilie do everything in style

Has19Janv14-15That is, of course, with the N7 and Sig70-200/2.8 HSM

Has19Janv14-18Linaro, another handsome Appaloosa, and Severine

Has19Janv14-17I find both expressions hilarious. They’d both rather be elsewhere !

Has19Janv14-14Fauvette is 22 yrs old, and spunkier than a yearling

Has19Janv14-21And I mean *real* spunk !

Has19Janv14-20Nolwenn, Vidji, and Chivas, the dog, imperial as ever

Has19Janv14-22Severine and Linaro are lovely to watch, so much bond between them

Has19Janv14-19They perform beautifully, too

Has19Janv14-23Another pair of sweethears. She’s nuts about him

Has19Janv14-27More unlikely jumping technique from Flaunt

Has19Janv14-25Emilie seems to be suddenly wondering what she’s doing up there !?



Overall we had a good time, chilled with our friends, and had fun snapping pictures. Pretty successful day in my book. The 16-70/4 Zeiss is on its way, should be here on Friday. And Saturday morning, we’re on a missing to pick up Pirouette and bring her to her new home. Can’t wait !




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2 Responses to Eclaire, last take ! (for now)

  1. I can speak from personal experience here. I’ve never meet a compliant pony. We had three ponies when I was a kid, none of them would have harmed a hair on our heads, but they were always stubborn. I loved all of them though and the pony cantankerousness is what gives them their charm.

    • marla2008 says:

      You nailed that ! Ponies do have this extra “character” thingy over horses. They are usually harmless and take great care of “their” kids, but boy they can be stubborn and mischievous. We’ll see how Pirouette behaves, she certainly seemed like a doll of a little mare during the session Marla tried her…

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