Pirouette : first trial ride

Has23Fev14-18We were happy to go back to the stables today for the first “formal” test ride with Marla and Pirouette in the old barn. Remember Pirouette only got transferred *yesterday* So it’s still a brand new world for her, and she needs to adapt, settle, and pick up the better habits.

Has23Fev14-10Is she trying to say something ?

Has23Fev14-11“Just kiss her”, I said

Has23Fev14-09And so they went…

Don’t trust the pictures. Looking at them you’ll think it went like a breeze. It was not *quite* so. Pirouette was a little stressed out and interrogative about being and working there by herself. She was wheening to the other ponies and trying to stop by the windows and door to check her environment out.

Has23Fev14-08Marla was also getting used to new equipment. The rubberized reins of the new briddle is not very easy to use for her, and I might have to switch her back to fabric/leather reins. We’ll see. The mare is also too thin to be very comfortable (I should know, I rode her the first five minutes). That will obviously get much better once she put some weight back on.

Has23Fev14-06Here she’s training to stop. A little too heavy in the hands since Eclaire used to not stop, we’re working on that.

Overall Pirouette did very well. Marla, a little less so. They need to learn each other and adapt and grow. For a first test I’m satisfied. Things will be better with Gwen coaching, too (as her mom, I have only so much credit, lol)

Has23Fev14-07Marla did work well however, putting in a lot of effort to listen and drive  Pirouette properly. They did briefly trot, which didn’t go too well as the kid was too tense to function optimally, but it was a good starting point.

Has23Fev14-05Photographically speaking, a white horse is pretty nice to deal with

Has23Fev14-03I was pleased that Marla was able to make her properly take corners and travel peacefully at the far end of the barn, that was always a spooky spot for Eclaire

Has23Fev14-04And they sure look quite cute together

Has23Fev14-02Preparing to stop. Shoulder blades back, that’s better

Has23Fev14-01I’m sure with proper work, they’ll be doing great in very little time

Has23Fev14-12After her lesson was done Marla hung around witht the ponies for over an hour

Has23Fev14-14We just couldn’t get her out of there !

Has23Fev14-16We had her getting a bit higher as pen dynamics can be pretty rough

Has23Fev14-15and being in the heart of the pack is then very hazardous for a 5 yr old…

Has23Fev14-17Eclaire spotted me and came right away

Has23Fev14-21I also made a few quick snaps in the new covered arena

Has23Fev14-19Polhaar’s ex owner was groundworking her new pony. She’s made enormous progress with him in only a few weeks

Has23Fev14-20It reminded me very much of my young mare, Utopie, and made me long for her pretty bad

Has23Fev14-24Meanwhile the boys were socializing

Has23Fev14-25So peaceful…

Tomorrow Marla is invited over at a friend for the afternoon. I’ll spend that time working Pirouette over at the stables. At this stage, the more work, the better.


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