Pirouette, day 4


Has25Fev14-28Another day at our beautiful stables

Has25Fev14-10Marla and Pirouette need to get familiar working together

Has25Fev14-01They’re not there yet. It’s all very new

Has25Fev14-02What *I* appreciate, is shooting a light colored horse, for a change

Has25Fev14-04They sure look good together ! I want to have the pony clipped. She’s all burly, uneven coat, due to prior lack of proper care, which a good clipping would smooth out, but that means yet some extra cost, wich I’m trying to avoid now

Has25Fev14-05They’re still far from perfect, or even smooth and easy, but Pirouette is definitely collaborating, and it’s only a matter of time until they’re natural

Has25Fev14-03I had Marla perform every single pattern she nows at the walk *and* trot (with much whining, for the latter) and they did fine

Has25Fev14-06I also did a little basic groundwork with the mare and she’s smart and willingHas25Fev14-07Did I mention white is cool to shoot ?? Definitely easier to expose in the contrasty barn than the darker colored horses. Lucky me…

Has25Fev14-08Tomorrow Marla will get a real, proper lesson with her coach, which should get a good deal of progress done, as she always fusses a bit when it’s me teaching

Has25Fev14-09The Hug, the end of the lesson ritual, is being carried on to the new ride

Has25Fev14-11So is the post riding lolly pop ! (good sessions only…)

Has25Fev14-12Marla and Chivas… they go back more than two years now


Has25Fev14-14… protector…

Has25Fev14-15… Teddy Bear

In this series you can see everything I love about using a NEX camera with a fast prime. Lovely subject isolation, the convenience of shooting from the waist, gorgeous DR and overall kick@ss IQ. Color rendition is top notch, too.

Has25Fev14-16The Perfect Dog

Has25Fev14-17The perfect childhood ?

Has25Fev14-18I love those beautiful old rural buildings. Look at that light

Has25Fev14-19I love that it’s a safe and free space for kids, teens and adult horse lovers to interact and relax and expand

Has25Fev14-20There was a group lesson after Marla was done, we hung around and grabbed a few pics

Has25Fev14-21Gwen had to give Polhaar a spin, as the little mare was given her younger rider some grief

Has25Fev14-22Marla helped me pressing the shutter

Has25Fev14-25Marla and her stables posse

Has25Fev14-24Clair de Lune (pony) and Dune (girly)

Has25Fev14-23Miss “Polhaar” (and her unknown little rider)

Has25Fev14-29Overcast, but pretty light….

Has25Fev14-27Overall everyone had great fun

Has25Fev14-26Marla and her friend Emilie

MarlaFev14-38And more optical goodness from the 16-70/4 šŸ˜‰

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