Cutie Pie goes to the hair dresser : a day in Paris

I hate cities and would live on a farm if I could, but the truth is I was born and raised in the bustling heart of the city or cities : Paris. My folks still live there, and once in a while I bite my gums and hop on a train to take Marla visit her grand-mom in the much sought after Pigalle/Montmartre neighborhood. It is, indeed, a truly nice and popular area with much to offer. I still hate cities, but I have to admit we had a wonderful day. Check it out

27Fev13-01We ride the train. The NEX5R with SEL35 sits in my purse, and it’s both totally unconspicuous and mightily capable

27Fev13-02Oh yeah, I’m still totally in love with the 35/1.8. Absolute E mount must-have

27Fev13-03My mom literally *spoils* Marla, the chocolote eggs were only part of the numerous little treats and gifts she had for her today…

27Fev13-04The SEL35 always makes me want to shoot detail

27Fev13-07Marla watching Granny’s robot vaccum do its job

27Fev13-06Pretending to put her feet up in fright of the vacuum

27Fev13-05My mom has the hugest rabbit collection

27Fev13-08I find the SEL35 perfect for indoor shooting

27Fev13-09And wide enough for group portraits

27Fev13-10Going to Marla’s first ever hairstyling appointment !

27Fev13-11Excited, or what ?!

27Fev13-12They treated her pretty much like the Queen of England, lol

27Fev13-13and she literally basked in all the attention

27Fev13-14My mom supervising operations. She’s a regular there, has a weekly check up

27Fev13-15Post shampoo

27Fev13-17Getting in place

27Fev13-16For the Cut !

27Fev13-18She was deadly quiet the whole time

27Fev13-19Took the whole affair very seriously

27Fev13-20Her hairdresser was named “Marlène”, which is actually the root name for “Marla”


27Fev13-22She looks pretty happy with the outcome !

There is a small carrousel sitting right in front of the hair salon. As soon as the last lock was dried Marla rushed out for a couple of rides…

27Fev13-23Boy, was that a treat

27Fev13-24I love the NEX’s ability to capture the moment pretty flawlessly


27Fev13-26It’s perfect for environmental portraits : my mom

27Fev13-27When Marla is not riding her pony she’s… riding anyway !

27Fev13-28Look at that pretty hair

27Fev13-31It took three rounds before we could pry her off there

27Fev13-29Then we hopped back on a bus and then caught a train, which brought us back home. To the countryside. Phew !


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3 Responses to Cutie Pie goes to the hair dresser : a day in Paris

  1. Oh my word! Every shot is awesome. All the way through I’m thinking….’thats my favourite’, then…’that’s my favourite’…and so on. The lens speaks for itself too. Top two? The street shot of your mum and Marla and getting ready for the cut. Brilliant 🙂

    • marla2008 says:

      Glad you liked it, because after seing your last post I decided to flat out give up photography, lol. That one shot of Casey with her face partially covered in her hair and bearing a defiant look had me thinking I can never match up.

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