The CZ 16-70/4 strikes again

Has26Fev14-32Yesterday I set out to shoot jumpers, with my NEX7, my Sig 70-200/2.8… when I realized I had forgotten the LA-EA2 adapter needed to connect the two ! Not that it’s the first time this happens 😉 Anyway I had my new SEL16-70/4 CZ mounted, so I just went ahead and used that

Has26Fev14-21Which worked perfectly well, I have to add

Has26Fev14-23This lens is fantastically versatile

Has26Fev14-22And superbly useful

Has26Fev14-25I actually don’t need much else at all


Has26Fev14-24The color rendition is to die for

Has26Fev14-27AF performance is excellent !

Has26Fev14-29Subject isolation is decent

Has26Fev14-31Though I tend to always want more, which the Sig 70-200/2.8 give me

Has26Fev14-28But I have to say the IQ of that lens is pretty addictive

Has26Fev14-30Seriously, I have people telling me this lens is crap ?!?

Has26Fev14-41Did they sell their eyes ??Has26Fev14-42

Overpriced at full retail, yes, but crap ? Err…

Has26Fev14-40The light very suddenly improved, and my exposure became a little enthusiastic, I fear





Has26Fev14-47Nuff said ! Great lens, buy it 😉


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4 Responses to The CZ 16-70/4 strikes again

  1. Honestly one of the best lenses I’ve seen you test ! Absolutely gorgeous colour, contrast and sharpness. Sh!t I feel tempted myself…… 😉

  2. marla2008 says:

    You’d need a NEX body for that, muhahahaha !! 😉

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