Clipped !!

In case you don’t remember, when we picked up our poney exactly one week ago, she looked like this :

Has22Fev14-43Meaning a lot of burly, uneven, dirty, long coat

She badly needs to put on weight. To that effect she is being fed three times a day, and we thought she’d look and feel better rid of her ugly, dirty coat, with a pretty and thick blanket to make up for the lost warmth. So today I went to work with my clippers. It has a *huge* task. Pirouette was very tolerant, slightly frightened at first but very rapidly comfortable with it enough that I could clip her whole back, neck, chest and belly in one go. Granted, she moved around quite a bit, but not in a struggling of fighting way. More like, “it’s taking forever, are you done soon ??”. And so she ended up looking like this :

Has01Mar14-01Frightfully fit…

Has01Mar14-03And with her nice, heavy blanket.

I’m so pleased with the blanket, and it was so cheap, on “end of winter sale”, that I actually just ordered a second one, in a different pattern. This way when the first needs to be sent to the cleaners, she’ll have a spare.

Has01Mar14-02Again : naked

Has01Mar14-04Blanketed. Nice

It probably took me 1.5 hour to complete it, but I’m glad I did. She also worked pretty well on the lunge today, and had a short session with Marla. She’s coming around nicely. Pictures with the CZ 16-70/4.

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