Thrown off… (4 seconds in)

Tonight I was going to try a horse for a possible share of his boarding fee against riding time. Pagaré is a 6 yr old purebred Spanish gelding. He’s one handsome horse. ClaireMar14-01Geared up for riding (shot by Marla !)

It all started out extremely well. Pagaré was a true gentleman through grooming, saddling, and was wonderfully responsive during groundwork. It was very, very enjoyable.

Has4Mar14-03That’s the young man

Has4Mar14-02The stables grounds at night look quite different

Has4Mar14-08As usual Marla felt right at home

Has4Mar14-04Horses eagerly waiting for their supper

Has4Mar14-05Isn’t he just gorgeous ?


Has4Mar14-06After a good deal of lungeing on both sides and various litle ground maneuvers, I set out to get in the saddle. Everything was fine and dandy until then, nodbody’s heartrate had been raised, and I lifted myself up the stirrup with confidence. Before I could fully sit in the saddle Pagaré brutally took off at the lope. Totally taken by surprise, I hastily grabbed a rein and tried to settle the horse on a small circle. That obviously set him off even further as he went all bronco on me, just jumping on all fours three times until he plain and simple threw me off (which took all of four seconds). I landed heavily on my side and was dazed for a split second, then quickly got to my feet not to be hit by a random hoof. But the horse was meekly looking at me from afar, obviously shaken. I tried to draw him in, as he had very easily come to me during groundwork, but his trust was gone. I went to him quietly and from the side, caught him and petted him. His owner held him as I carefully got back in the saddle. I rode him in circles at the walk and trot, but both of us were rigid with mistrust and wariness. It was little use. I’ll most likely not take that share on Pagaré’s board, though his owner urged me to think about it further. He’s a delight to work from the ground, and doing that long enough might build a safe relationship. I’ll sleep on it.

MarlaMar14-01Meanwhile Marla asked me to draw a pony on her face, so I drew Pirouette, with a rainbow mane

MarlaMar14-02The NEX 5R’s flip over screen is good for selfies

MarlaMar14-03Can you guess her favorite M&M’s color ? 😉


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8 Responses to Thrown off… (4 seconds in)

  1. Dennis R. Ely says:

    Oh please, please give us all a small clue as to what camera, and lens was used to capture these astounding pics.



    • marla2008 says:

      Hi Dennis, shot with the NEX 5R and SEL35, exceptionally in A mode with Auto ISO enabled as I handed the cam to my 5yr old daughter and she can’t handle Manual yet. All the barn shots are at ISO3200.

  2. Ok, we’ve spoken about the event, so let me just say, you look HOT lady, the horse is gorgeous, and the pic of you and Marla is just fantastic. There……..think that covers everything. 😉

  3. Ouch………(and great night pictures, I don’t remember having seen one on your blog)….

  4. Most horses that have a spooky streak always have it, even when they are unintentional. He probably knew better but just couldn’t help it. My favorite horse that I showed the most, and won the most on would just have one or two spook events a year. They were just part of her nature, and she would have never tried to hurt me on surpose. This was a horse that I could walk without a lead rope, and fall asleep on without a saddle. But there are so many great horses out there that will never spook unless seriously provoked. So unless you’re some how set on riding that good looking fella it might be wise to keep looking. Since you’re an experienced rider you already know all that, but I thought I would give my friendly two cents. You and Marla look great! Cheers

    • marla2008 says:

      Even tough yes I do know it, your advice and insight are greatly appreciated !! I’ve indeed kept looking, and my daughter’s coach offered me to try her own handsome grey young stud that I’ve featured many times on the blog. I’ll be glad to get more wise advice from you in the future !

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