Two girls and a horse

Today I didn’t have one, but two earger little girls, to take to the stables to ride Pirouette and dote on her. Marla’s cousin, soon to turn 11 yrs old Anaïs, spent the week end with us, and the girls had a fabulous time both at home and at the farm.

Has8Mar14-19They also snatched the 5R from me and shot a bit on their own (picture by Anaïs)

Has8Mar14-02The girls had missions : to groom Pirouette

Has8Mar14-08and to clean up the riding boots (for once)

Has8Mar14-12The Three Graces

Has8Mar14-11Pirouette is progressing and improving fast. She worked a lot last week and was a little tired yesterday, but today she was fresh as a rose, and kind as ever

Has8Mar14-09Marla is more relaxed with her, and seing her cousin ride seemed to motivate her as well

Has8Mar14-18The mare is already looking worlds better than she did only two weeks ago

Has8Mar14-14Picture by Marla (hence the overexposure I wasn’t there to prevent)

Has8Mar14-13We only had half the barn to work in, as another rider was using the other end

Has8Mar14-10Pirouette has the most gorgeous flowing tail, that we washed today

Has8Mar14-17Anaïs doesn’t have regular training, however she did well today

Has8Mar14-15Looking good

Has8Mar14-20Happy, confident, and in charge

Has8Mar14-16The magic light was definitely there

Has8Mar14-07Post session we shampoed Pirouette’s tail, then took her grazing

Has8Mar14-03Anaïs watched lovingly over her while Marla looked for rocks to throw in the nearby pond

Has8Mar14-06All the outside shots are courtesy of the Zeiss 16-70/4 OSS

Has8Mar14-04Ain’t life just perfect ?

Has8Mar14-05Sure is 😉

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