Outdoor !

OMG, my baby rode outdoor yesterday. On her new pony. By herself. Geez, I nearly had a heart attack.Has27Nov13-03PMI’m sure you remember seing that before..

So hearing that Marla rode outside by herself yesterday shouldn’t phsych you as much as it did me. Except last time had a lot of this :

Has27Nov13-07PMand this :

Has27Nov13-11pmSupervision at arm’s length, most of the time…

But yesterday was different, on several counts. 1) Marla was pretty much on her own handling her pony from the get go. And 2), we’d never let her ride Pirouette in the open and had little certainty about how the pony would react.

Has12Mar14-01So although I routinely trust Gwen with my kid’s life (and mine, from time to time), and have for over two years now, I wasn’t entirely relaxed at that sight…

Has12Mar14-02Then this one

Has12Mar14-03Gwen sort of trailed after her for a minute

Has12Mar14-04Then she went her way

Has12Mar14-07Thankfully, Pirouette just had some vaccine shots the previous day, and was a little on the tired side

Has12Mar14-05Which I was all the happier for πŸ˜‰

Has12Mar14-06There is still so much to adapt to, for both of them. Marla went from a positively obese ride, to an underweight one. Well, it goes for equines as well as humans… fat ones are more comfortable to hold ! Pirouette sure looks elegantly fit, but her spine sticks out and her gait is bumpy, so until she puts on a bunch of weight she’s not gonna be very smooth to ride for the kid.

Has12Mar14-10Gwen made an arena of sorts with bits and pieces of jumping equipment

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my reason for being pysched : the outdoor “arena” is no actual arena at all : there is no fence !!! It’s just a big sandy *open* space, and should Pirouette fancy to take off at full speed with my only child onboard, well… she could.

Has12Mar14-09Thank God she seemed quite content with walking peacefully, or jogging at a slow trot when asked to

Has12Mar14-08Boy, was I grateful πŸ˜‰

Has12Mar14-13A view of the “limited” working area for the session

Has12Mar14-11So far, so good

Has12Mar14-12It was quite a treat (and a bit of a laugh) to see Marla on her new pony, next to her former weekly schooling mare. Eclaire and Pirouette are pretty much the exact same height, but one is twice as wide as the other ! Eclaire has also the shorter leg and big belly typical of her species, while Pirouette is quite the miniature horse, with narrow chest and long, thin legs…

Has12Mar14-14And again we were blessed with gorgeous weather, spring is a month early this year !


Has12Mar14-16Progressively, they found their space and safety distance

Has12Mar14-17All shots in this post with the CZ 16-70/4

Has12Mar14-18Check out the girth difference πŸ˜‰

Has12Mar14-19Miss haute couture model, lol

Has12Mar14-20At the very beginning Gwen spotted Pirouette giving that big plastic block the bad eye. She put a piece of horse candy on it and let the mare check it out for a solid minute. Pirouette never as much as glanced at it again after that

Has12Mar14-21The lesson was very basic, just walking and trotting at various paces and alternating seated, posting and standing trot

Has12Mar14-22More or less just getting the kids get a feel of the place and build their confidence and their control over their rides

Has12Mar14-23Which they did pretty well. Later Eclaire got really white hot excited, and Enora had her racing around the arena at top speed a bunch of laps

Has12Mar14-35This kis is fearless and rode like a million bucks

Has12Mar14-33While Marla stood safely in the middle and doted on her pony



Has12Mar14-34Now that’s love, or I don’t know a thing πŸ˜‰

Has12Mar14-24Before we know it they’ll be hitting the trail

Has12Mar14-27Ggrrrr, the raised hands I hate to see…

Has12Mar14-30Look how thick and fat Eclaire is !! Mind boggling

Has12Mar14-28Of course she’s rail thin, so not much of a comparison point

Has12Mar14-32Overall they did great, and Marla was *thrilled* with her session

Has12Mar14-29And Mama pretty tickled with her pictures

Has12Mar14-41Unclipped + hard work = very sweaty pony

Has12Mar14-36working at the trot

Has12Mar14-38Another view of the instant made schooling area

Has12Mar14-37Can’t get enough of that sight !

Has12Mar14-39After the lesson Marla loves to practice the course all over again, by herself


Has12Mar14-42Those damn hands again

Has12Mar14-43More confident now

Has12Mar14-45Somewhat better


Has12Mar14-46I haven’t had much time to touch the adults session pics yet

Has12Mar14-47But I’ll probably post this one again later, I love it !


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One Response to Outdoor !

  1. Fantastic! The sun sure makes a huge difference to colour, clarity and contrast. Amazing session. Marla looks so cute on her pretty little piny, and Enora sure is proficient on the little tubby one! 16-70 performs flawlessly again πŸ˜‰

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