Pony day


Has19Mar14-10Today was schooling day

Has19Mar14-01Until now Marla had taken 99% of her coaching sessions in the smaller, indoor barn, where the light is both treacherous and magnificent

Has19Mar14-03After last week’s session in the open, Gwen opted for a lesson in the newer, large covered arena

Has19Mar14-02The light there is flat and unflattering

Has19Mar14-04Yet there is brutal contrast to deal with

Has19Mar14-05Marla had a one on one session with her coach, since her classmare Enora has graduated to the advanced level, and now ride with the teens and adults

Has19Mar14-06But there were two riders using the arena at the same time, which was beneficial to both Marla and Pirouette

Has19Mar14-07The goal was to get Marla to further relax and improve both her control (direction and speed) and position

Has19Mar14-09While the two other riders merely walked their mares around

Has19Mar14-11The girls worked hard and at lentgh


Has19Mar14-13It’s hard for a 5 yr old to be the unique focus of the teacher for over 1/2 hour

Has19Mar14-14Thankfully they have their relaxed moments

Has19Mar14-15The pigtail in the mane is meant as a grabbing point for the standing trot

Has19Mar14-16Which Marla used to beautifully master with Eclaire, but Pirouette’s gait is way more bumpy

Has19Mar14-18Emilie just walked around with Fiona

Has19Mar14-22While Marla practiced


Has19Mar14-17practiced some more !

Has19Mar14-21The poor baby was a tad exhausted

Has19Mar14-23The last exercise was great : to trot on totally lose reins, the pony loved it !

Has19Mar14-25Well deserved praise

Has19Mar14-27and hugs


Has19Mar14-26Pirouette seems to love those quiet moments

Has19Mar14-24of absolute trust. Abandon

Has19Mar14-29Later on Marla greased the feet

Has19Mar14-30Of one mellow and tired pony !

Has19Mar14-31Tomorrow, back to editing Venice pictures… Stay tuned 😉


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One Response to Pony day

  1. Always good to see a pic of Fiona, once in a while!!!!!

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