Unexpected joy

Sony sent me a text message saying my A6000 had been dispatched, and would be delivered tomorrow before 6pm ?!?

I did not expect the thing before April 7th ! Am I pleasantly surprised ? You bet ! Other than that, I worked my Shetland mare on the ground again today. She’s giving me a hard time. It’s me, really. She’s a tough little nut to crack, doesn’t give in to pressure easily (if at all) and if she was 500kgs instead of 160 or 180 (she’s putting on some weight and looking better by the week), I’d be in an uncomfortable spot. Thank God she’s just 1,10m tall, and her preferred method of resisting is to crowd me, put her head in chest and hug me. Not very respectful of my personal “bubble”, but hardly offensive at all. Today I did get a breakthrough on the long line, but I’d need to work at it again tomorrow to make sure it has sunk…

Horse wise I rode Doudou again today and he was wonderful, challenging enough to make me feel good about handling it, but not tough enough to put me in any real trouble. So her definitely made me look good, like I wrestled with the great stallion and won, but I know better. I think he was just taking care of me in his own way 😉

Of course the second the A6000 hits the door I’m putting it through all kind of tests. Guess what ?… Stay tuned !

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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5 Responses to Unexpected joy

  1. Lisandra says:

    That’s great to hear! I’m apparently a sony girl once again. Not by choice but if sony is paying then who am I to complain? Now if I could get my hands on a LA-EA4 I could put all those minolta lenses back in business. ..

  2. marla2008 says:

    Lisi where have you been !? E-P1 has been down for weeks and the community just vanished 😦 How are you doing !? Please e-mail me I want to know how you are 🙂

    • Lisandra says:

      The site will be back up soon. I have been regrouping. I am now with ab A7 and a bunch of old primes until i can get my hands on a LA-EA4 adapter. I’ll keep you posted. Loved the venice shots!

    • MJWC1 says:

      I know – I miss everyone (and my 260 shots are stacking up!). Good to see you (so to speak), Lisi.
      Looking forward to your A6000 shots, Claire!

      • marla2008 says:

        Well, the only upside of that is that I’m freed of my 365 obligation 😉 It was good, but honestly, tough. If the site comes back up I am NOT making up for lost shots, lol…

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