Spring Saturday report

Has29Mar14-09Spring is here. At least, it’s acting like it’s here these days. Sunny, nice and warm, we sure love it !! The A6000 went back in its box and is waiting for the courrier to come collect it. Knowing Sony.fr as I know them, nothing will happen until I get proactive, get a return number, and drop it off at parcel facility nearby (at least that’s how it went last time I tried to return something to them, which was back in 2013).

MarlaMar14-29With the A6K put away, the N7 is back in business

MarlaMar14-27With its buddy the Zeiss 16-70

MarlaMar14-32Marla has three new friends, grand-kids of our next door neighbor

MarlaMar14-28Why does this scream “childhood” to me ??

Has29Mar14-01On Saturdays we usually hang at the stables, and though she doesn’t get a formal session with her coach, I supervise her while she practices whatever she wants with her pony

Has29Mar14-04And yes, that includes brushing the hooves clean

Has29Mar14-02That sunny spot just called for a nap !

Has29Mar14-05I had worked with Pirouette yesterday morning and she’d done very well

Has29Mar14-08But she’s a smart little thing who knows the kiddo has little strength…

Has29Mar14-06But they’re getting better bit by bit, ride by ride

Has29Mar14-15Practice make perfect 😉

Photography speaking, the new, huge, indoor arena, poses no technical challenge per se. It’s just a tad boring and has none of the pyschotic but amazing light the older barn offers.

Has29Mar14-12One way…

Has29Mar14-10… the other

Has29Mar14-07Just keep at it, girl


Has29Mar14-11Yeah, that too

Has29Mar14-03Eh eh

CannelleMar14-07The light is back. Thank God for that !

MarlaMar14-31Just got the Bazooka out of the bag for kicks


Has29Mar14-14Marla playing snotty brat

MarlaMar14-30Shhshhh.. I’m not supposed to tell, but my baby has a crush on the girl’s brother 😉

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Spring Saturday report

  1. Dave Uhlig says:


    I would really look at shooting some ‘contrasty’ black and white work in that arena. I would think it would come out really well.

  2. Totally like the picture in the corner of the new barn. Great feeling of space. I wish we could see even higher!!!!!

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