Who needs high ISO anyway ?!

Don’t take me seriously, I’m just being cute. Clean high ISO is a blessing. But one thing to remember is how we’ve become accustomed to relying on it. A little moderation is good to aim at from time to time…

Shot the A7 in various situations today and loved it. My N7 is going to take a little break, in order to let me grow some habits with the A7, which can only be a good thing.

Has01Avr14-02I started out at the stables, after a groundwork session with Pirouette, an eventful and positive session that let her a little drenched (this is post local shower on the chest and legs)

Has01Avr14-04I met an old friend there, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, and she went “oh no, no picture”, while, of course, I snapped away 😉

Has01Avr14-01This little missus here is doing great, putting on weight and getting even a bit overly confident at times, which still makes me happier than the miserable state I bought in

Has01Avr14-03There were bad news though. Chivas, the wonderful furry and huggable tan ChowxLab mix that Marla is hanging with on half my stables pictures is very sick. Poor boy as a chronic heart condition that needs lifelong medication and wis threatening to shorten his days. He stayed home today, only big dumb Lili, the grey Cane Corso, was there

TestA7#3-08Then I went home, and the day was just absolutely beautiful : spring perfection

TestA7#3-07I played around with the camera a bit

MarlaAvr14-04Then my favorite model came back from school

MarlaAvr14-05And the camera started its little magic (I’m a sucker for its huge DR)

MarlaAvr14-06Err.. Cannelle was not entirely thrilled about this

MarlaAvr14-07But Marla sure was


MarlaAvr14-09Marla learning to operate the remote for the just installed automated portal

MarlaAvr14-10The inoguration !

MarlaAvr14-11She’s a strong little feller

MarlaAvr14-12Marla’s friends got back tonight, as school is out tomorrow


MarlaAvr14-14Her new sweetheart


MarlaAvr14-16Childhood can be sweet

MarlaAvr14-17And back to our low light, high ISO scenario (still grittier than I’d like). And then… SHABANG ! (as my hero Peter Hurley would say)

MarlaAvr14-18OMG, flash !!

MarlaAvr14-20Yes, yes. Flash. Dang, that works pretty cool

MarlaAvr14-19SB-600 in Manual mode

MarlaAvr14-21Works better for me than high ISO, for sure…

CannelleAvr14-05It even works for the dog

CannelleAvr14-04See ya all tomorrow



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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to Who needs high ISO anyway ?!

  1. Flash says:

    Hi Claire,
    After a more detailed look into your blog, I am pleased to see the actual complicity that exists between you and your favorite model: your daughter.
    It is not always easy to hire children spontaneously in a photographic project in a natural way and you seem to know how to do successfuly.
    It just sounds like a fairy tale dream that become reality…
    Congratulations !

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks a lot for the kind words 🙂 Marla has had a lens stuck under her nose since she was about 3 days old (that’s when we got home from the hospital) and I have literally dozens of thousands shots of her, and probably a few thousands selected and edited. Now maybe my reluctance to RAW makes a bit more sense, doesn’t it ? Just teasing…
      I get three responses from her in front of the camera : sometimes she wants to make pictures and strikes (sometimes hilarious) poses, sometimes she screams “No !” and shimmy shakes to avoid me (the little rascal knows I’m manually focusing over half the time !), the rest of the time she just totally ignores me and goes about her business. That is how I am able to get such a detailed account of her growing up. It’s a lifetime project and it has made my photography grow tenfold…

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