Credit where it’s due, a brief Expert Shield report

Disclaimer : I received a box of chocolate bites, I never asked for, from Expert Shield. And you know what ? My integrity is not swayed by chocolate 😉

ExpertShield-01This is my Sony A7 camera, with Expert Shield applied

Ok, let me start at the beginning. Today I opened my mailbox (the physical one, not my e-mail box), and found a smallish parcel I wasn’t expecting. I turned it over and saw it came from the U.K., with an Expert Shield label on it. I opened it and got THIS :

ExpertShield-04With a Thank You note, for a review I had left at whatever site I can’t quite remember about a screen protector : the Expert Shield.

WOW. I do leave a bunch of reviews on various products. I get to test numerous photo related items, and relying on real world reviews a lot myself to shop, I think it’s very important and useful to give honest and accurate feedback on products. I never got any credit, thanks, let alone a box of goodies for it, nor did I expect any. But why had I felt compelled to so strongly express my enthusiasm for the Expert Shield in the first place ?

ExpertShield-02The note. A nice, customer service oriented touch

How often does a manufacturer remind you that your product is guaranteed, and prompts you to contact them in any case of need ? How often are they secure and open enough to suggest that you voice your satisfaction… or insatisfaction as well ??
I liked it. As a customer, that was attentionate, straightforward, no nonsense. It oozed security and openness, and it just sat well with me. So I went ahead, installed the product (more on that in a second) and not only left a positive review on Amazon (where I had placed my order in the first place) but also took a minute to drop an appreciation note on Expert Shield’s own website. And a few days later… the box of chocolate, which reminded me that I had intended to review the protector here on the blog upon installing it !

ExpertShield-03So now on to my report

This is my camera’s screen, with protector applied. Which you cannot see, whatsoever. Well, that’s the idea. The Expert Shield is a half rigid/half supple, thick protector film that has been cut to match *perfectly* the size of any device you buy it for (it comes for NEX, alphas, iPhones, you name it…). Installation is easy as one, two, three, and upon ordering the product, Expert Shield sends you not one but *two* emails containing application directions ! Your best bet is to follow them to the letter, which means installing the Shield on your screen… in your bathroom (preferably after a hot shower or bath, the steam helping get rid of any rebellious dust particles). Just wipe your screen perfectly clean with the provided fiber cloth (not the size of a post stamp, but an actual, generously usable sample). Remove the film labelled 1 to uncover the adhesive side of the protector. Align one edge to that of your camera screen, and gently lay it down on it. I like to swipe evently the just applied surface with a credit card, to remove any potential air bubble as I progressively lay the film down. Once the protector is safely in place, smooth it in gentle circular motions to make it adhere perfectly to the screen. Then, holding down the corner to which it’s attached (as to not lift back up the just applied Shield), removed delicately the film labelled 2. Voilà !
The result ? A perfectly protected screen that is actually *more* beautiful, clear, limpid and bright than without the Expert Shield. I’m a big consumer of screen protectors, I go through them like candy as Sony camera screen are very fragile, and the NEX units have caused me much, much grief in the past. The very first thing I now do upon buying a camera, new or used, is to order a screen protector to go with it. I used to buy either a rather sturdy film from a German distribution (Vikuiti, memory serving me right), or cheap glass screens from Fotga (which unfortunately, tend to break a little too quick for comfort). The Expert Shield set me back 8€ on, and being a Premium plan member, I got next day, free shipping. I’ll absolutely be getting a couple of spare Expert Shields for my NEX and Alpha cameras in the future, as they are truly of superb quality, ease of application, and customer service from Expert Shield provides unexpected, but certainly not unappreciated, extra attention. So while I find the chocolate box a delightful note of exceptional customer care, it has nothing to do with my warm and heartfelt recommendation for the Expert Shield. The product’s quality is totally worth it alone. Don’t ruin a 1500€ camera’s screen, when it can be perfectly and stylishly protected for 8€…

If you’re a happy A7/R owner, you can purchase your Expert Shield HERE


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3 Responses to Credit where it’s due, a brief Expert Shield report

  1. Flash says:

    Is this a subliminal message to Sony’s marketing ?
    After your many purchases and reviews, Sony could make a gesture for you, right ?
    Why not an A7S in your mail box (the real one), who knows …. ?!

    Wake up, go back on earth, it’s time to make beautiful pictures… 🙂
    Have a nice day,


  2. Haha, now that MIGHT swa your integrity! Good review. Like you I’ve bought plenty of screen protectors for Sony cameras, namely the semi hard sony ones, but they are pricey. I may see if Expert Shield do one to fit the 99, which STILL isn’t protected.

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