Heavyweight picture post !

Holy smoke this is going to be picture HEAVY

Has07Avr14-02I went to the stables yesterday and just fired *away*

When I got there with the (very) mild project of ground working my pony, my motivation was rather soft. When I learned she was not in her stall but out in the yard, eating grass and fooling around with her buddies, it melted like butter in the afternoon sun. I decided to shoot Gwen working *her* projects instead. “I don’t feel like working either”, she said. “Tough shit, because you HAVE to”, I replied 😉

Has07Avr14-50And so she did

But before that, I roamed around the farm a bit, shooting odd stuff that caught my eye. I also play with in-camera monochrome a bit, and fell madly in love with most of what came out. I had brought two lenses, and not one more : the manual focus OM 50/1.8 as a walkaround and indoor tool, and the Bazooka for outdoor shots. Both did well, though the little, 40+ yrs old and 25€ worth OM kind of blew my socks off…

Has07Avr14-05Yeah… Like that

Has07Avr14-06And this

Has07Avr14-13And that




Has07Avr14-17Need I go on ?

One thing I really need to learn, and fast, is to stop my lenses down a smidge. Working with APS-C I was always trying to squeeze the ultimate bit of shallow DOF out of them, but on FF there is no such need, and actually stopping down a bit is often a good idea. But old habits die long and slowly, so it’s gonna take me a while to get there

Has07Avr14-20There are fifty horse related pictures in this post, plus Marla’s riverside snacking last night after school, so don’t expect any particular logic, or order 😉

Has07Avr14-09Vendôme, aka “Zézette” a big, burly, bully, hazardous hunk of 5 year old mare, was seing the chiropractor. Gwen holding her as he was working the back legs

Has07Avr14-07Chivas, totally unfazed

Has07Avr14-10Viva, Vendôme’s next door neighbor, drowsing on her stall door

Has07Avr14-14While Vif, the mare in the next stall, checked around for something to fool with (I should know, she grabbed my jacket with my phone inside once, flung it to the wall repeatedly, then drowned it in her water bucket. Ah AH)

Has07Avr14-15I don’t resent her one bit though, and she’s my favorite boarder of the whole place, because she’s so freaking gorgeous




Has07Avr14-18Viva getting prepped up for lunge work


Has07Avr14-19Ready to start

Has07Avr14-01I also like the feel of the place when it’s really quiet and deserted

Has07Avr14-23Seb works part time at the stables, and lives on site

Has07Avr14-30Hassira, more or less the “Queen Mum” of the place. She’s the mother of both Viva and Almighty (the latter aka “Doudou”)

Has07Avr14-25Viva at work

Has07Avr14-21Not really wanting to…

Has07Avr14-26Gradually picking up life

Has07Avr14-27Geez I love this old farm










Has07Avr14-29While the daugher works her butt off, the mother rolls in the dirt

Has07Avr14-42Crystal, a frolicking youngster

Has07Avr14-31“Good girl”


Has07Avr14-35Next, please

Has07Avr14-46“Can I go back to sleep ?”

Has07Avr14-45Vif wondering why on Earth she has to work on a Monday (she normally gets Mondays off and knows it, too)

Has07Avr14-47“No, you have to work”

Has07Avr14-44“Not fair, others get to play !”

Has07Avr14-49Sheeshhh… I’ll work, then

Has07Avr14-48But not too hard ! 😉

Coming home I went to pick up Marla, and she decided to have her afternoon snack by the canal…

MarlaAvr14-68“Sure, I said, get your back and you dog”



MarlaAvr14-70Cannelle wasn’t too thrilled about being leashed




MarlaAvr14-64She had a phone call to make…


MarlaAvr14-67… and flowers to pick

MarlaAvr14-62and, on the way home

Thanks to the A7 for a very pleasurable shooting afternoon….


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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12 Responses to Heavyweight picture post !

  1. George says:

    Marla is going to have many thousands of images to look back on and enjoy when she gets older, this is another terrific set Claire, no comment from you yet on the new Sony 7s?

    • marla2008 says:

      George, thanks for the kind words, the several thoushands images are here already, and growing by the day 😉
      My official A7S statement ? I want one. Lol.
      Seriously, I’ve written here and there that upon further inspection and real world reviews, and depending on price, yes I am willing to swap my 24mp A7 for a 12mp A7S. Absolutely. Now price will be a very strong sticky point here, because I consider I’d gain some, but also lose some, and under those circumstances I’m not ready to pay a premium, or at least not a big one at all.

  2. I am drooling looking at some of your B&W shots (and at the view of the green colors,,,it’s still all brown here). You might have mentioned it already, but did they improve the weird WB issues that you noticed during the first (or second) review?

    • marla2008 says:

      Laurent, I’m glad you like them. We’re being blessed with Spring that didn’t only come early, but is truly gorgeous, warm, kind, and smells sweet as it should. The second unit I had didn’t have any particular WB issue, it was just not very good at it, but normally so. This third unit is the less fussy I’ve had regarding WB, so best of the three, by far.

  3. Sheeeeet! That is an awesome unit you have, do NOT let it go. You’re right, it literally blows the N7 away, and I could’ve sworn that was not possible.

    Question now is, are you going to pick up the FE55 and see that sensor shine?!

    Awesome, awesome set, some of the best ever. 😉

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks Tracy, I do like them. A lot. That particular unit isn’t going anywhere (except if it is replaced by an A7S, that is… I’m not picking up the FE55 for the moment, because the 25€ OM 50/1.8 is a little too good to be true, and I have an FD 50/1.4 in the works 😉

  4. marla2008 says:

    The OM can’t be flawed, especially given the price… At 2.8 focusing isn’t too finicky, and it’s tiny and feels fantastic. I expect the FD to be even better, sharper, more contrasty, and sexy as a frying pan, but who cares when output is stellar ??

  5. Gar says:

    Claire, I guess these are jpegs. They look great. On your computer do the full frame jpegs look that much better than the Nex 7 jpegs? What’s the difference between this A7 unit and the previous ones that you sent back? Could there be that much difference between units?

    • marla2008 says:

      Gar, yes, those are jpegs. The first A7 unit I had a clearly defective white balance module. The second unit was performing “normally”, in that there was nothing obviously “off” with it, but I wasn’t very pleased with the WB readings. This current unit is not only “normal”, but also pretty reliable and reasonably accurate.
      The A7 files do not look “much better” than the N7, not at all. But to me, looking at the very numerous images in this post, I feel there is a superior quality in the A7’s. The out of focus (OOF) areas have a super smooth quality and the in focus areas are super sharp and detailed, with buttery smooth transitions between them.

  6. marla2008 says:

    No Laurent, the FW didn’t mention anything specifically about WB, it dealt with faster start-up times, especially upon immediate reboot after shuttind down, faster AF performance in low light, and “better image quality at higher sensitivty values”. Mostly what it does is keep more detail and let you use NR Normal without the previous abusive detail smearing at higher ISOs. And, in my opinion, it works on all three counts.

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