Sony A7 meets the Navitar 75/1.3

MarlaAvr14-78Crop mode only.
The Navitar is a C mount lens, that vignettes significantly on APS-C, and ridiculously on FF. It’s actually optimized for m4/3, but works well with the A7’s crop mode enabled

MarlaAvr14-79Another beautiful spring day

MarlaAvr14-76Perfect time for the baby-to-serious scooter switch


MarlaAvr14-77Obviously not the Navitar here, but the Sony Zeiss 16-70/4

CannelleAvr14-12That’s the Nav

MarlaAvr14-80Marla didn’t want to go ride today. She’s feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole horse thing these days, and the last thing I want is to push her, so we’re taking a short break

MarlaAvr14-82So instead, she spent the afternoon making peace and playing with the next door neighbors she’d been at war with recently

MarlaAvr14-85Marla gave Lola a scooter lesson… and the scooter itself at the end of the day


MarlaAvr14-81Cannelle was no stranger to them making peace. There’s nothing the neighborhood kids wouldn’t do to approach her πŸ˜‰


MarlaAvr14-87They sure had fun !


CerisierAvr14-06Our pink cherry tree is just stunning


JardinAvr14-04The whole yard is in full bloom and celebrating

CerisierAvr14-09That’s the fruit, white cherry tree


ChatAvr14-01And one of the neighborhood cat toasting on my husband’s work car’s perfectly warm hood

JardinAvr14-02Prune tree

CannelleAvr14-11Even in perfect weather Cannelle loves the safety of her bed, indoor



LolaAvr14-02Gosh I love, love this lens






OlivierAvr14-02Yeah, it’s that time of the year, too


MarlaAvr14-93Pentax Asahi 55/1.8 PK mount



MarlaAvr14-94PK as well


So, that’s my favorite manual focus lens, bar none. Sure, it’s not the most convenient, aesthetically correct, but it has a life of its own and the reason I didn’t comment most pictures is that they don’t need any caption. This lens just is a story teller and drags you into its world by the eyes. This is a lens I have vowed never to part with, and if it means shooting my FF camera in APS-C mode, so be it.



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7 Responses to Sony A7 meets the Navitar 75/1.3

  1. It absolutely is a story teller, and it’s charm jumps off the scree. The PK is pretty snazzy too! Spring really is upon us, and The Nav shows it beautifully πŸ™‚

  2. Flash says:

    The Navitar is an unknown lens for me.
    Perfect jewel for artistic pleasure, a subtile atmosphere or to tell a fairy tale story.
    Works well on the A7 (even if in APS-C mode).
    Thanks for sharing !

    • marla2008 says:

      Oh Bernard, you slumbered happily in unawareness of this marvel, sorry to have waken you up to the nagging desire of owning one. And if you tell me you don’t want it, I’ll answer you know not what you’re saying πŸ˜‰

  3. Khosrow says:

    Hope I’m not disturbing by reviving an old thread. I came here to see photos of the Navitron, but then I noticed the absolutely gorgeous colors of your photos (not to mention compositions). I presume these colors are not straight out of the camera?

    Since I tried (and utterly failed) to reproduce such colors on my images in LR, could you kindly help me by giving me a pointer to how to produce such pleasing colors? Are you editing each image exclusively, or is there a workflow magic that I’m unaware of?

    Thanks a lot for the photos,

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks a LOT for the kind words !! As my readers know, I’m a strict jpeg shooter. Was as a hobbyist, am even more now than my pro work brings me to shoot routinely close to 1000 images on each event that I cover. So yes, those are out of the camera colors, but for the Sony cameras I have always tweaked the Landscape Picture Style, with one notch less Contrast and Saturation. The curve in this style is pretty flattering to start with. Then all my jpegs are run through Photoshop for a little optimizing, but colors are untouched. Try it and report back to us ? Best of luck.

      • Khosrow says:

        My C Mount adapter arrived at last, and damn this lens is great! It has the character of a Tokina lens, minus build quality and doesn’t vignette at all on m43. From f2 on wards, it handily beats all the prime lenses I have on m43, Pentax and Canon, though I haven’t tried the Zuiko 75mm f1.8. All in all, money well spent. Thank you for introducing us to this great lens.

        While I couldn’t get your colors in the end (I don’t have a Sony, Olympus and Canon have warm colors, and my old Pentax K10D lives in a different world of its own), I stumbled on a great raw processor software for Mac (-only unfortunately) that does some accurate film simulations regarding colors and tones, and there I found my answer.

        Though I know you don’t shoot raw, I definitely recommend it in case you have a mac. It is free:

    • marla2008 says:

      That’s great news !! I haven’t shot that lens for a good while, but I might start again as soon as the weather permits it. Enjoy yours !!

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