Google (and a word on the NewFD 50 f:1.4)

GoogleAvr14-12Yeah, selfies stink, but a selfy with a newly acquired dog is cool

GoogleAvr14-14That’s actually Google sleeping in Cannelle’s bed in the car, on the way home

GoogleAvr14-13She watched the road with much interest

GoogleAvr14-17Today we found out she’s the perfect children’s dog

GoogleAvr14-18She played with them, cuddled with them, ran with them


GoogleAvr14-19I can’t believe how affectionate and tolerant of their antics she behaved

GoogleAvr14-16She did took naps now and then to cope 😉


GoogleAvr14-22Cannelle’s bed in blatantly undersized for her but she insists on sleeping in it

GoogleAvr14-23And when the kids get really too rowdy, she finds refuge in my husband’s lap

GoogleAvr14-24He adores her…

GoogleAvr14-25She’s indeed, very lovable

GoogleAvr14-15Not to mention photogenic

GoogleAvr14-26That was a busy, and promising Day 1. See ya tomorrow for Day 2…

About marla2008

Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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11 Responses to Google (and a word on the NewFD 50 f:1.4)

  1. Flash says:

    Google seems to enjoy her new family. 🙂

  2. Beautiful set, including the selfie you gorgeous thing!! She looks a fine fit. It will take time for SB to not be the first thought, but I reckon GG will accept the position with grac 🙂

  3. jls says:

    Google looks very sweet and she is a very lucky girl. Channelle must be looking after you all. I hope she brings you all much happiness and is a great companion for your gorgeous little girl.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks a lot. I am indeed convinced that Cannelle must have helped in finding Google, because she is such a perfect match for our household it’s almost eerie…

  4. MJWC1 says:

    Beautiful shots that artfully and soulfully depict Google’s bonds with her new pack.

    I didn’t see any words on the newFD 50 f1.4, but if any of these shots were taken with that lens, then words are not needed!

    • marla2008 says:

      Matthew you are totally right, I am so deep in dog thoughts right now I totally skipped the FD comment ! I’ll try to mention it in my next post. What I found about all FDs is that not only are they very sharp, right after widest aperture, but also the quality of their out of focus areas (bokeh) is superb, extremely smooth and very creamy. The stark contrast between super sharp focus, and buttery smooth OOF makes for very 3D images.

  5. Dave Uhlig says:


    Really sorry for your loss. Those are incredibly tough times, for yourself and the family. It was probably a good idea to step away from the keyboard for a bit and re-group. I am always amazed at how much photography is tied to how you feel inside. If I am not getting along at work, or with the wife, it can be days before I pick up a camera. We lost a golden retriever 4 years ago, 2 years old, that chased a rabbit out into the street. It was incredibly challenging to get through. I hope your family has some healing. My favorite saying, “everything happens for a reason”. Doesn’t help much, but hopefully something can be learned from the good and bad times. Take care, Dave

    • marla2008 says:

      Hello Dave 🙂
      And well, maybe if the cruelest of events don’t have a good reason to happen, in this particular case, some good has come out of it. As much as I loved and miss Cannelle, she was a tiny and vulnerable and pretty quiet little dog, that didn’t do much except being perfect to snuggle with. Google is actually bigger, more energic, and gets more involved with Marla and my husband in terms of playing and hanging out, not to mention she goes for long walks with me in the nearby countryside, the way our Dobermann, Colt, did. My husband noticed the other day that she is a bit of a mix of our two other dogs’ traits (that would be their qualities, not flaws, lol), playful and lively like Colt, but affectionate and manageable like Cannelle, so she sorts of strikes a perfect middle ground between them.
      I really was dejected for the whole week after the accident and hardly picked my camera at all, and to tell you the truth even the 100+ nice pictures I took on that vacation *prior* to it, are likely to stay in the computer and be skipped for a long time. I simply have no pleasure seing them whatsoever, the way I have associated bad memories with the entire trip, even though there were highlights to it. To me this is always be the time my dog died, and even this beach I adored before, the place where it happened, I’m very likley to not set foot on for a looooong time…

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