Google it

It’s become generic language. For “seek information on X or Y on the internet”, we just usually say “Google it”. Well, here’s *our* Google

GoogleAvr14-03I woulndn’t have picked that name, given the choice, but choice is a pretty limited concept when picking up a rescue dog at a refuge.

GoogleAvr14-04The dog bed is rather undersized (it’s Cannelle’s) but she still adopted if from the get go as hers (a bigger one will come soon)

GoogleAvr14-09She also adopted Marla pretty much from the start, which was the whole idea to begin with

GoogleAvr14-05A Beagle/Griffon cross, a 2,5 yr old ex farm dog, first owner dropped her off at the refuge as she was moving overseas and apparently not willing to take her

GoogleAvr14-07We went to the Quimper SPA (the French Humane Society) refuge the day after Cannelle was killed. We still had about 5 days to go before coming home, and Marla and I were crying pretty much non stop, so my husband took charge and drove us there. I had taken a quick peek at the dogs up for adoption on their website, and Google was already in our “selection”.
When we got there it was tough to find a dog meeting our criterias, which were adult, smallish, and female. An old Beagle female looked good to me, but had serious skin issues and looked too tired to be an active playmate for Marla. A bunch of bigger males really got our attention but they were… bigger males. Two bitches, a Dalmatian and a smallish Husky seemed very nice, but obviously neither are easy maintenance breeds, and we had our mind set on a mutt anyway.

GoogleAvr14-10So I called my family’s attention to the little Griffon mix again, and sure enough she checked our boxes. There were a few things to consider : as a “tie up”, outdoor dog, she probably wouldn’t be house broken. She was used to roaming the nearby farms free once a day, and is likely to escape at the first chance. And we have no idea how she’d act inside a home.

GoogleAvr14-06After “booking” her, and patiently (the 5 longest days I had to suffer through for a while…) waiting for Tuesday to come, we drove back up to Quimper, and after signing a bunch of necessary papers, Google was in our custody. She jumped in our car like she’d always been with us, was a model of patience and affection during the 6,5 hour trip, and behaved perfectly from the second she set foot in the house. And yes that involved sleeping the whole night on Marla’s bed, not waking up until past 8am, and going potty in the yard like a civilized dog.

GoogleAvr14-11My husband spent several hours this morning dog proofing our fence, which was full of gaps as it is in the middle of a total make over (full metal bars set-up coming soon). I took the bitch for a 35 minutes walk around the nearby woods this morning (the exact same route I took daily with our Dobermann for 8 months), which of course she liked quite well. Since the neighborhood kids are playing outside and totally NOT trustworthy with gates, I’m keeping her tied up until everybody’s back in their own homes and doors are locked…

GoogleAvr14-08I can’t help but think Cannelle did some of her magic from dog Heaven to help us lay such a fine family companion prospect. So far, so good…



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