Sorry I’ve been away. There’s a sad reason why

CannelleAvr14-08The late, much loved, much missed, Cannelle

Our 2014 Easter, Brittany vacation, took a dramatic turn, when on the 4th day, our beloved Toy Continental Spaniel, Cannelle, had a fatal accident. I won’t go into details, as said accident was entirely our (my fault) and it wouldn’t have been much different if I’d killed her with my own hands. I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive myself one day, but if the answer is yes, then that day is not even close.

MarlaAvr14-31As all of you will remember, Cannelle’s was Marla’s best friend, doll and Teddy bear, all rolled into one. She was her companion, comfort cushion and confident. Faced with her sudden and brutal death, there was one, and only one thing we could do, to try to soothe our daughter’s terrible shock and sorrow, and that was to promise we’d get her another dog. And when you have a non stop weeping 5 year old on your hands, whose dog you’ve just accidentally killed, the sooner the new pet, the better.

CannelleMar14-04I’ll just share a couple of Cannelle portraits as I remember her, the prettiest, tiniest, sweetest dod I ever met, as an an ex K9 professional, I’ve met my share

CannelleFev14-01bisI think this is my favorite Cannelle picture, ever. Because she looks like a flying fog with magic powers, and she was indeed, a little fairy.

Good bye for now Cannelle, you are much missed and fondly remembered, and thank God another sweet small dog has found her way to our home, let’s hope soon to our hearts. I won’t mention or feature Cannelle for a while now, I need time to grieve, than heal.
Spoiler on the new dog’s name : it’s an internet giant and it wouldn’t have been my pick for a dog’s name, but it’s hers and she’ll keep it. Stay tuned.


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11 Responses to Sorry I’ve been away. There’s a sad reason why

  1. She was adorable, and that is a beautiful pic to remember her by πŸ™‚

  2. jls says:

    Oh your poor thing. My heart goes put to you. She was clearly a much loved little doggie. I hope Marla is happy with her new companion. I look forward to seeing the new photos. All the best, Jane.

  3. Flash says:

    Hello Claire,
    What a sad news.

    Whatever it happens, don’t blame yourself, it won’t change anything unfortunately.

    Canelle shared her life with you and your family and all the pictures you made will help you to remember these beautiful moments of life into your heart forever.
    Sure it will take time to heal this wound, but the show must go on… Easy to say, but I know what that means in the real life and I feel your pain. Few years ago, my beloved cat and my favorite model: Fatehpur passed away after 18 years of common life. I was devasted and stopped photography during several months… until I realize that it was a big mistake because making pictures was the best therapy for me…

    Enjoy each moment of any single day…
    All your friends are here to support you in this difficult moment. πŸ™‚

  4. Kingt says:

    Hi Claire,
    Totally devastating for you, I can imagine. Having held a few dead pet dogs in my life, I know how it feels so I can only commiserate. Your lovely little dog brightened up a whole lot of pics and those eyes were so thoroughly adorable. I hope you’ll begin to recover when immersing yourself in taking pics of the new dog.

    • marla2008 says:

      Hi King, good to read you !!! Thank you for the kind words. I’m keeping busy caring for Google and she is bringing a lot of joy back to our home. I do like to browse pictures of Cannelle though, as I miss her dearly. I’m so happy she was among my favorite models and I made tons of pictures, during the too short time she spent with us.

  5. David says:

    Hi Claire,
    I’m so sorry for your and your family’s loss. Pets, especially dogs, are such wonderful teachers of unconditional love and acceptance. I’m sure Cannelle is at peace would want you to be too. Many, many blessings on your journey of healing.
    With aching heart, david.

    • marla2008 says:

      Thank you David, that’s among the kindest things I’ve read. Everybody’s being very supportive, though we don’t deserve half that simpathy as we’re fully responsible for her death… But I guess that’s the very nature of accidents.

  6. MJWC1 says:

    Dear Claire – When I saw you had not been posting for a little while, I feared something difficult in your life.

    Canelle was clearly a huge spirit in a tiny body and an integral part of your life and family. I am very sorry for your loss and hope you are healing and not being too hard on yourself for what happened. With the benefit of posts subsequent to this, I know how fortunate you have been to find Google and it looks like she is helping you all through the pain. She and Marla look to have a beautiful bond already, although I still see a sadness in Marla’s face. Google is also looking very comfortable with Olivier (and I think he may be nearly smiling in one of the later shots).

    Thank you as always for your wonderful photos and I remember you posting that gorgeous shot of Canelle taken with the Navitar. May her magical fairy spirit long be with each of you.

    Best wishes

    • marla2008 says:

      Thanks Matthew, thanks a million. You can not imagine how much kind words from all of you guys do help (I need to post about this). Marla is very much loving her new dog, who is *great* with her, and great, period. Olivier is unabashedly happy. He always dreamed of that kind of cute, smart, affectionate and easy going dog, the kind of dog I figured only existed in Disney flicks. But she’s real ! I do love her too. I doesn’t keep me from missing my little Cannelle like crazy, because she was so exotic, so different, so lost in her own little world. She was both charmed, and charming. Google is quite the opposite of that, totally grounded, totally doggy. But also totally cool.

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