Shooting action with the Navitar = a lot of pretty cool blurry pics

MarlaAvr14-101The Navitar is a C mount, 75mm prime, with max 1.3 aperture. It’s a chunk of metal and glass with what seems an endless focus throw, and nailing focus at wide apertures can really be a challenge. Shooting a 5 yr old and her dog madly racing a scooter is a pretty ambitious task.

GoogleAvr14-44Today I decided to get the NEX7 out again

MarlaAvr14-102Here, blurry action pic

GoogleAvr14-45Google, Day 4

MarlaAvr14-103This dog positively *amazes* me. She settled into our routine like she’s always lived here. I always heard the “myth” of the super grateful, perfect rescue dog, but she makes it a reality. Probably dumb luck. Or even more likely Cannelle doing a little magic from up there in dog Heaven

MarlaAvr14-104Whatever the reason, the end result remains. Marla is walking on sunshine

GoogleAvr14-43Our Dobermann was huge. Tough headed. Hard as steel and constantly challenging authority. He was extremely respectful of Marla, but still a hazard to her due to his sheer size and strength

MarlaAvr14-105Cannelle was tiny, smaller than a cat, vulnerable and meek. She made a great snuggling partner, but was nonexistant as a playmate

MarlaAvr14-106Google strikes the *perfect* middle ground between small and affectionate, and lively and playful

MarlaAvr14-107Unsharp again, but too cute to be deleted

MarlaAvr14-108They had a BLAST

MarlaAvr14-109And watching them was a treat

MarlaAvr14-110I’m sending the SPA refuge some of those pictures, I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see Google has found a good home





MarlaAvr14-115Super blurry, but captures the motion

MarlaAvr14-116Unsharp, dang !


MarlaAvr14-118All three of my cameras are for sale. It’s all in the hands of the dogs 😉


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5 Responses to Shooting action with the Navitar = a lot of pretty cool blurry pics

  1. Flash says:

    Once again, really cool this lens….

    A C-mount lens should be very small in size, does that the operating remains comfortable or practical (manual focus, aperture) ?

  2. MJWC1 says:

    I’ve got to get a Navitar one day. I have a lot of fun with my C-mounts, but none are of this standard.

    One another note, we took our girls horse riding yesterday. They were going to have a trail ride, but the weather was foul so the two had a lesson with a really excellent teacher instead. Of course I took lots of photos – nothing of your standard, but still inspired by you (I had some of your images in mind as I shot). I have to say, my little Nikon 1 V1 did a great job. Lighting was OK, but not great (I kept shutter at 1/200, so shots were around f/5.6 on my slow zoom and ISO 1600 to 3200) but IQ was good, auto exposure very good and AF excellent – of the 400-odd shots I took, I deleted maybe 2 or 3 for being out of focus.

    I keep an eye out for a cheap NEX as well. While still using m4/3 for my legacy lens solution (a self-created problem, as I have been deliberately buying old lenses), I would still prefer the APS-C crop. In the meantime, I have a few other options and options are fun.

    Great to see Google doing so well and Marla so happy. Beautiful!!

    • marla2008 says:

      Matthew you absolutely HAVE to share some of those shots !!!! I insist on seing them 😉 I’d offer my touchless (I nuked the touch feature by changing the screen’s outer layer, but in all honesty Sony’s touch is abyssal anyway) 5R at dirt price if you weren’t on the other side of the planet. As far as we are shipping would make it close to a brand new one, lol.

      • MJWC1 says:

        How could I refuse, Claire? A bit more editing (mostly sorting the mass of shots) and I’ll put some in an appropriate place. Thanks for the offer of the 5R. Shipping can be ridiculous – for some reason anything coming from the States is particularly ridiculous. Not quite the free postage of Hong Kong ebay sellers!

  3. MJWC1 says:

    Hey Claire – can you send your e-mail address to me ( – I will send you some horse pics (or a link to same).

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