Taking pictures again

MarlaAvr14-100Been playing with a New FD 50/1.4 on the A7

Been getting the NEX7 back out again. Actually I can quite remember what shot was done with which camera or lens, and it’s not really relevant. What matters is that my kid is doing better, and the new dog is settling in nothing short of superbly.

GoogleAvr14-30Yeah, she had it tougher at the Humane Society…

GoogleAvr14-31Much tougher

GoogleAvr14-32Kids and their dogs (and vice versa). Amaze me, always

GoogleAvr14-34The natural, instant bond. The kids’ crazy ideas about what a dog will enjoy (like playing cards, for instance…)

GoogleAvr14-27Playing Lil’ market stand

GoogleAvr14-39and all kind of plush toys (which Google actually likes)

GoogleAvr14-35Thank God she gets a lot of rest time

GoogleAvr14-36and Marla is not too particular about her toys

GoogleAvr14-33or her bed

GoogleAvr14-40They go along just fine

GoogleAvr14-38from morning till late at night, they’re a team

GoogleAvr14-37which results in a tired dog

MarlaAvr14-98and a happier kid

GoogleAvr14-41Eberhard Trumler, the late German ethologist, wrote in “The dog taken seriously”, one of his great books “I feel for the poor children who never had the joy to share their bed with a dog”. This quote became almost an obsession for me. When Marla was younger and her dad wouldn’t hear about a dog, I was saddened by the thought she wouldn’t be allowed this great pleasure of childhood. We more than made up for that ever since, and I’m happy we did.

GoogleAvr14-29BTW I apologize for most of the pictures being less than optimally focused or composed, but I’m shooting most stuff with a fast manual prime, and that pair is moving pretty quickly


On a photographic note. I don’t think I’ll keep running two Sony systems. APS-C and FF together with various optics fitting one but not the other is a headache in the making, at least for me. I’ll probably part with the A7 shortly, either falling back on my NEX7 set-up, or going a little wild and getting something completely different… Not super likely to happen, but I’ve been known to do unexpected things 😉



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6 Responses to Taking pictures again

  1. Well your images certainly aren’t suffering for the current dilemma, great set!! You may do what I do, go a little wild and then bounce right back to Sony! 😀

  2. Flash says:

    Another beautiful set !

    It seems to me that Marla has already switch over (a good news) and Google will act more as a “Star” from a photographic point of view…
    Marla’s portraits are awesome !
    Good job, great pictures.

  3. jls says:

    This story is just delightful.

    On camera note, I have no regrets about swapping my NEX7 for the Fuji XT-1. I didn’t even know about the XT-1 until I read your blog and you mentioned it. I love shooting with the XT-1 and love the images it produces. If you want to, something radical… portraits with the 52 f1.2.

    Jane, Australia.

    • marla2008 says:

      Jane, I’m sorry if I caused you some heavy photo purchase, lol. Your input is very interesting. I’d be curious to try a T1. I have a friend who got it so it might happen in the future. I’m not a fan of retro for the sake of it, and I find unmarked, free turning, wheels, better than dedicated marked dials. Personal preference only, of course. The sad truth is I have very little, if any, to say against either the N7 or A7. I guess after two years with the same photographic system, I’m just in need of a little adventure 😉

  4. MJWC1 says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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