A7/NEX7 mix


MarlaMai14-03It’s the “mini fair” time again

MarlaMai14-04Oh boy, the excitement

MarlaMai14-05Every year it’s the same ritual

MarlaMai14-06Pay 3,50€ for a rod. Catch 10 rubber ducks. Trade them in for a cheapo toy


MarlaMai14-08Chosing which crap stuff to pick is *always* a dilemma

MarlaMai14-09I suggested the phony electric guitar last year… She finally went for it

OlivierMai14-01Then daddy does some shooting


MarlaMai14-10Then carrousel. This year’s was the oldest and crappiest I had seen yet !

MarlaMai14-11and the kids had a total blast riding it

GoogleMai14-01Earlier this week Marla was fiddling with some small toys under Google’s close supervision

GoogleMai14-02I love those quiet moments between them. They are VERY close, closer yet I think than Colt or Cannelle were

GoogleMai14-03And she’s only been there ten days

MarlaMai14-01I used a mix of A7 and NEX7 pictures for this post



MarlaMai14-13Memory serving me right, that’s the A7

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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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2 Responses to A7/NEX7 mix

  1. jls says:

    I love the photos of Marla with Google. I hope Google doesn’t pine with you upcoming holiday.

  2. Blogophile says:

    It’s not really a sucessor, they’re continuing to sell the A7 and A7r along with the A7s, each has different features that will appeal to different users, for example the A7s has great low light potential but only half the Megapixels of the A7.

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