The unwanted post

As you might remember, our last seaside vacation was tainted with our darling dog’s death. This tragic event obviously ruined the whole thing, and also forever made this trip a painful memory. So painful that the hundred +some pictures I had made prior to Cannelle’s death have stayed stored on my computer, and didn’t find their way to the blog.

LescoAvr14-23Until now

I just feel it’s time to make a vacation pictures post like I always normally do. Cannelle pictures are bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter, I have trouble associating anything but love and great joy with her little face.

LescoAvr14-26Prior to the tragic day, everyone were enjoying themselves thoroughly

KirikouAvr14-03Me on the last, pinto horse, and Anais just in front on me on the fat sorrel

LescoAvr14-03ALL shots with the Sony A7 (except the horse pictures), with either the OM 50/1.8 or the Sony 16-70/4 Zeiss

LescoAvr14-02View from the yard, the beach is 5 minutes away by foot


LescoAvr14-01“Lumière bretonne” : Britanny light. Unique


LescoAvr14-04Anaïs *loved* Cannelle, and vice versa


LescoAvr14-05But *who* didn’t love Cannelle, truly ?!

LescoAvr14-10Extended DR is one precious thing to have there



AnaisChevalAvr14-01Forgive the crappy pics : taken by my mom-in-law with her Lumix compact

AnaisChevalAvr14-02My mom in law can get really creative with her framing 😉


AnaisChevalAvr14-03She loves to behead those she doesn’t like, lol


KirikouAvr14-01When she gets the whole scene, the Lumix does well enough


AnaisChevalAvr14-04I always go to the same “dude stables” near the “plage de la Torche”

KirikouAvr14-02The horses barely avoided the slaughterhouse, but loping on the beach is priceless

LescoAvr14-15And that week another major thing happened. A happy one, this time

LescoAvr14-16Marla lost the stabilizers !

LescoAvr14-17Took her about three minutes to figure it out. Daddy gave a last push…

LescoAvr14-19… and she was on her own

LescoAvr14-20Boy, how time flies. I remember her learning to ride a bike at all, at age two, in the very same house !

LescoAvr11-76PMand here’s proof !

LescoAvr14-21Can’t believe she’s getting so big either

MarlaAnais01Yeah, five years ago those two looked liked that… Mind boggling.


LescoAvr14-24First duty upon arrival : lawn mowing

LescoAvr14-31Or pretending to

LescoAvr14-27Playing horse




LescoAvr14-25So pretty. So sweet



LescoAvr14-38with the Sigma 70-200/2.8



LescoAvr14-42Hmmm… that’s a lot of pictures right there. I guess I should split the bulk and make a Part II later. I hope I didn’t bore the hell out of you with those.



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