Child-dog bond. It’s real

As a needed break in the “ruined Brittany vacation” theme, here are just a few pictures I shot this morning while hanging around the house.MarlaMai14-18Marla is thrilled with her new pet and acting globally happy, but I know at times the loss of Cannelle is still acutely hurting and she needs some extra love

GoogleMai14-05Google has settled in almost totally now, it’s mind blowing how much adapting she’s done and how easily she fit herself in the mold of our daily life

MarlaMai14-17The PEN F 38/1.8 got some camera time again

MarlaMai14-14I’d never had a mutt before, only super fancy pedigree purebreds. Maybe I just got lucky, but I’d warmly recommend trying a mongrel to anyone. Or maybe it’s just the “rescue” part that make her so special, I dunno, but in any case, she’s brilliant

MarlaMai14-15I mean, how heartwarming is that ?


MarlaMai14-19She did try to challenge us, for about two days. Tethering and consistency did the trick, she’s back to her super sweet self.

On a totally different note, my A7 just sold. So I’m left with the N7 (and a “touchless” 5R kit that won’t sell, lol). Time to consider (again) the XT-1 ??


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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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