The mystery lens (followed).

The “mystery lens” made it here a couple of days ago. I was all excited to mount and try it on my NEX 7… BUT, the C mount adapter I routinely use is a smidge to thick for the lens’s mount thread (quite shorter than that of the Navitar) to latch and properly screw on it. I had to order a yet thinner one, hoping the new one will catch. But being curious, I made a few awkward tests by just handholding the camera, adapter and lens all uncomfortably and unsecurely pressed together. It was far from convenient and the results are crap, but I was too impatient not to try it anyway.TestErnitec-01Before I unveil the lens’ identity to you, here’s a last hint. In picture :

OlivierMai14-03Anyone ??
Yes, you guessed it, that is from the Navitar 75/1.3. So what does it have to do with the mystery lens ?? The mystery lens is an Ernitec 50/1.3 TV lens, that looks like an *identical* clone of the Navitar 50/1.3, the 75’s unknown little brother. Believe or not, those lenses are such frigging rarities I haven’t been able to locate a *single* sample from either the Ernitec or the Navitar, wich are, I repeat, absolutely one and the same lens, and that I believe to come from the same factory and same assembly line !! (please anybody correct me if you have any contradicting information, better yet, any information at all !).

TestErnitec-02As such, the pictures downright suck. But please keep in mind that this is ISO1600 in low light, with wacky WB, and the camera, adapter and lens pressed together *by hand* ! NOT the best way to test a lens, lol…

TestErnitec-04Those TV lenses are interesting for portraits because sharpness starts to drop immediately after leaving the focus point, making for a very “dreamy” look

TestErnitec-03Ernitec 50 F:1.3 somewhere around F:1.6

GoogleMai14-09The Navitar 75 seems to be much sharper and overall better, but until I can properly test the Ernitec, I reserve my judgement

GoogleMai14-10(Navitar 75). And Yes, I will make pictures of both lenses for you to see. Stay tuned 😉


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