Ernitec 50 1.3 TV lens… a weird bird

Classeur02My training course is done. Completed. Over

The upside is that I’ll get a bit more photographic time again. I started tonight by snapping a few shots with the Ernitec 50 1.3 TV lens. I bought it primarily because it looks like a clone of my trusty Navitar 75/1.3, only smaller. Alas, the similarity ends at the physical aspect

MarlaMai14-49The MFD (minimum focusing distance) is not horrible, but it’s not super short either. Let’s say it’s reasonably usable. Adapted on E mount, though, it doesn’t focus to infinity. So I’m stuck withing a pretty restricted focus range for that particular lens, which makes it rather moot

TestErnitec-07One of Marla’s numerous little presents for Mother’s Day

GoogleMai14-15Oh, I forgot to mention the lens doesn’t “peak” very heavily either, so critical focus may be difficult to achieve

TestErnitec-05Bokeh is a little messy, a little “dirty”

MarlaMai14-48So it will not get any Nifty Fifty award from me….

TestErnitec-06And those are my adapters for the Fuji X mount

GoogleMai14-16Google The (almost) Beagle. She might be partbred, but she’s 100% at heart

TestErnitec-08I guess I’ll just sell it to some exotica driven collector. PM if interested, it’s pretty cheap 😉


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One Response to Ernitec 50 1.3 TV lens… a weird bird

  1. You know, I think it renders rather nicely. Not as unique as the Nav, but certainly attractive IQ. being a bugger to use is certainly a downer though. 😉

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