Monochrome !

I know a lot of people love black and white photography. It certainly has its appeal. At the same time I personally do very little black and white. I guess I like colors too much

Has31Mai14-16But today was a little different as I had an order. For a monochrome session. So here goes…

Has31Mai14-04For the action shots I dusted off the Nikon D90, as I don’t own a telelens for my NEX anymore. But for the more static shots, I mounted the Navitar on the N7, and shot away

Has31Mai14-03Oh, and the 16-70/4 Z got to snap a few frames as well

Has31Mai14-05So what was the order ? Black and white shots of my two favorite teens, known as “The Twins”, and their horses. I got the kids alright, but on different ponies, so I have to plan another shoot to get the mares as well

Has31Mai14-01We had a bunch or riders today

Has31Mai14-20Here’s the first Twin, Emilie, riding 22yr old Fauvette. Fauvette might be of age, but she’s a supersonic speeding bullet if I ever saw one

Audoux31Mai14-02PMAnd this is Camille, the young lady who regularly rides Marla’s pony

Audoux31Mai14-03PMToday, riding Viva, Doudou’s sister

Audoux31Mai14-06PMUntil recently I made all my action pictures with the Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM, aka The Bazooka. Alas, I decided to sell it a few weeks’ back, and have no other telelens available for the NEX7. Which means for today’s session I had to use my trusty Nikon DSLR. Well, I gotta say, for 6 year old technology, this camera does amazingly well


Audoux31Mai14-07PMThe one reason I don’t use the D90 anymore is that I am hoplessly addicted to the beauty and simplicity of the EVF and its full time exposure preview. Having to rely on any camera meter fills me with dread and defiance. Today I tried to cook my monochrome jpeg setting at best, and had RAW files saved along with it, for safety (plus, I knew I would want some of the shots in color)

Audoux31Mai14-24PMWith a little Snapseed boost








Audoux31Mai14-10PMAs much as I hate not having an EVF and a tilt screen, I have to say the D90 handled like a charm, and I’m very, very please with its output. The file actually have a very “organic” look to them, with fine grain in lieu of noise

Has31Mai14-15Later on I got the Navitar out and let it work its magic







Audoux31Mai14-14PMI think the D90 just earned itself some renewed camerabag time !


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2 Responses to Monochrome !

  1. A fabulous set! I have some favourites: the head on shot of Camille on the pony is my number 1, followed by the one of Gwen & horse and then Emilie resting on the horse. Amazing, amazing stuff. I really like the colour rendering of the Emilie shots. The D90 sure held its own with this shoot, well done to you! 🙂

  2. Picture #8 is my fav.

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