Uncritically sharp ? Sue me ;)

I’m just being cute, I love a sharp, crisp picture as anybody else. But today I wasn’t using quite fast shutter speeds enough, and my lens being average at best, the output is a smidge muddy, but I like the overall look ot the pics and I’m fond of the subject, my kid’s coach, pony host, and friend, Gwen

Has03Juin14-01Gwen was schooling one of the young horses boarded in her quality equestrian operation. The mare is one of two sisters… belonging to the teen twins I often shoot

Has03Juin14-02As often with young prospects, sessions are kept short and (hopefully) sweet

Has03Juin14-03Baccarat is this younger one, her sister, Apple, is one year older

Has03Juin14-04The tail swishing here is showing a bit of annoyance

Has03Juin14-05Which Gwen quickly handled (they worked on picking up the lope on cue today)

Has03Juin14-06Despite the light rain it was really nice spending some time outside shooting that good looking pair

Has03Juin14-07Till the phone rang…

Has03Juin14-08As a boarding stable owner and manager, answering customers’ inquiries is vital… in all circumstances

Has03Juin14-09I can’t wait to use the D90 with top glass again. Should be happening in 3 days. Stay tuned 😉



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Shutterbug. Shallow DOF nut. Mother of Child. Student of the Horse.
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